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“No Equipment Class” | Mind Muscle Mobility
Video by TJ O’Brien

Watch Now – Mind Muscle Mobility | “No Equipment Class” 

Invictus San Diego brings you through a “No Equipment” mobility session. Coach TJ O’Brien leads you through various movements that will focus on your back, shoulder, and hip mobility as well as breathing techniques at the end of the class.

“No Equipment” Scapular Mobility

Scapular mobility is extremely important but highly underlooked by athletes. Go through the step-by-step process to examine your scapula mobility (shoulder blades) and see if there is room for improvement. The first few movements in the “No Equipment Class” video are the same movements provided in the article to improve scapular mobility including, cat and cow pose.

Breathing in Mobility

At the end of the Mobility session, make sure not to miss the guided breathing exercise. You will be working on expansive and exhaustive breathing, two of the benefits of focusing on your breathing. You will be able to see how focusing on your breath – specifically nasal breathing – can lead to an increase in your CO2 tolerance, which contributes to higher aerobic endurance and increased VO2 max.

CrossFit Invictus Mobility Program

View the complete playlist from Mind Muscle Mobility that includes full classes and individual videos for movements to focus on your specific problem area(s).

Sample Program 

1 set of the following, all from quadruped position: 
Cat-Cow x 2 minutes 00:09 
Hip Car x 60 seconds each side 01:48
Shoulder CAR x 60 seconds each side 02:41

Followed by…

1 set of the following, all from 90/90 position: 
Front leg stretch x 90 seconds 04:35
Back leg stretch x 90 seconds 05:41
Front Foot drive x 3 x 10 seconds 06:35
Front foot lift x 3 x 10 seconds 08:19
Back foot lift x 3 x 10 seconds 10:10

Repeat the entire series on the other side, then…

1 set of: 
90/90 transitions x 2 minutes 11:31
Prone Swimmer x 60 seconds 12:34

Followed by…

2 sets of: 
Lizard Stretch x 60 seconds  13:28
Lizard Passive range liftoff x 3 x 10 seconds 15:00
Prone External Rotation Lifts x 3 x 10 seconds 16:18

Followed by…

2 sets of: 
Neck lengthener x 30-60 seconds 17:32
rest 30 seconds between sets 

Followed by…

1 set of: 
Maximum Expansive breathing x 3-5 breaths 19:20 
Maximum Exhaustive breathing x 3-5 breaths 
Maximum Expansive AND Exhaustive breathing x 3-5 breaths

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