Invictus Athlete, Bjork Odinsdottir, flying into the dip portion of her muscle-up with her speedy & efficient transition.

Muscle-Up Transition Drills
Videos by Travis Ewart

Are you working on getting your first muscle-up? Don’t know what to do when muscle-ups come up in your gymnastics skill session? Trying to perfect your muscle-up technique? If you answered yes to any of these questions then these drills are for you! Just like anything else in the gym and sport, technique plays a huge role in not only getting your first muscle-up but also in making them as smooth and efficient as possible.

Below, we have four muscle-up transition drills to help you get from under the rings to above the rings. They are laid out from easiest to hardest so figure out where you are in the progression and move up from there when you are able. If you practice them consistently, along with some supplemental strength work for the rings, you should be performing the muscle-up transition from the hang in no time at all! If you already have muscle-ups, then add these into your warm-up so you nail your cues when they come up in workouts.

Step #1 – Feet on Floor Transition Drill

Step #2 – Calves on Foam Roller Transition Drill

Step #3 – Feet on Box Transition Drill

Step #4 – Calves on Box Transition Drill

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