Limited Equipment? Here’s an Easy Way to Add Weight!
Video by Hunter Rethwill

Whether you’re on the road or in self-quarantine, it’s important to keep in your regular exercise routine as much as possible. Sometimes life forces us to slow down or change it up a bit which could offer some benefits like recovery time from those nagging injuries, a different pace so you can practice your nasal breathing, or just something that gets you playing around with different movements.

Hopefully you’ve already been taking advantage of the at-home options we’ve been providing in our various programs for those of you with limited or no equipment during this time. Here are the Performance and Fitness versions – they are posted along with our regular programming each day. If you follow any of our other programs like Competition, Athlete and Masters, you will receive an alternate option when you receive the week’s programming.

As you’ll see in the “no equipment” option, there are some weighted movements. There are many ways to add weight depending on what you have lying around the house, garage and yard. Here’s an idea that works well for all kinds of movements – a loaded backpack! We like this option because it gives you a lot of versatility for holding it: by the handles for bent-over rows, in a bear hug for squats and goat bag hinges, on your back for step-ups, and however you can hold on for ground-to-overhead!

Get creative with your “equipment” and share your discoveries and creations with us!¬†Looking to get more creative with your programming? A new cycle of Invictus Masters (35+) starts March 23rd!

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