Master Coach Alex coaching a class

Invictus Seattle Welcomes New Master Coach
Written by Kelly Sekulovski 

We are thrilled to announce that the Invictus Seattle location is welcoming a new Master Coach to their staff: Alex Johnston. 

Learn more about Alex

Master Coach Alex Johnson in downtown Seattle

Alex grew up active with a decade of gymnastics, soccer and other team sports under her belt, This inspired her to coach recreational gymnastics teams and many different forms of yoga. In her personal fitness, she was running long distance post college, and found herself continually getting hurt and frustrated. This led her to want to add strength training into her workouts. 

Once she found a functional fitness gym located near her home, she was hooked on learning how to use kettlebells and dumbbells. After Alex was admittingly getting competitive in a non-competitive class, a coach recommended that CrossFit might be a better fit for her and she dipped her toes in during the 2017 CrossFit Open. From there she knew she had found her fit, and went to a CrossFit gym and hasn’t looked back since, becoming a CF-L1 trainer and a YT-200 and Kettlebells certification. 

You can find Alex at the gym walking around with her massive gallon of water, and she will be happy to nerd out with you on food and health! 

What does a Master Coach do for the Invictus Seattle community? 

The role of a Master Coach is to help lead and promote excellence in other coaches through continuing education and coach development. To have someone designated to the success of the rest of the coaching staff at Invictus Seattle will help elevate the entire community. Master Coaches are also able to bridge the gap between management and the coaching staff to help keep the community organized and aligned. 

This position aligns perfectly with Alex’s background in coaching, fitness, and her vast amount of knowledge in many different aspects of health. 

“From the first day I met Alex, I knew she was someone special,” said Kevin Koester, owner of Invictus Seattle. “As Master Coach, Alex will bring continual learning to the team as that is a passion of hers. She leads by example with a lifestyle of discipline and healthy choices and can share her results with coaches, members, and clients. Top that off with her yoga and breathwork background and we have a recipe for success” 

Master Coach Alex Johnson coaching a class through hollow holds

Why did Alex choose Invictus Seattle? 

One of the main reasons Alex chose Invictus Seattle is because of the diversity of the community. “We have adaptive athletes, masters athletes, youth programs, and a thriving seniors class, the level of community service here is unparalleled,” said Alex. “We do an amazing job of keeping crossfit inclusive through customizing workouts to meet the individual needs of each members’ fitness level to keep things safe for new members and fun for regulars.” 

The entire Invictus community is so excited for Alex to step into this role and help her Seattle coaches and community! Follow along with Alex and the rest of the Invictus Seattle crew on their Instagram

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