Invictus Teams Going to the 2023 CrossFit Games

The road to gold continues for Team Invictus! Team Semifinals left us with some amazing performances from all of our Invictus Athletes. When the dust settled, three Invictus teams had qualified for the CrossFit Games. Meaning, the next time you see our teams they will be battling it out in the heat in Madison, Wisconsin!

Team Invictus

Team Invictus returns all four members from its 2022, 3rd place Games team and they are hungry for the top of the podium this year. Team members are: Josh Al-chamaa, Brittany Weiss, Devyn Kim, and Jorge Fernandez.

Invictus Unconquerable

Team Invictus Unconquerable has some familiar faces and some new ones. Eric Carmody is a longtime Invictus Athlete with multiple Games appearances. Emily Rethwill and Jessi Smith are very strong athletes and have qualified for multiple CrossFit Semifinals. Tyler Soderback is a newer addition to the Invictus Athlete Camp and absolutely crushed the Open finishing amongst the top of all San Diego Invictus Athletes who competed this year! Team members are: Tyler Soderback, Emily Rethwill, Jessi Smith, and Eric Carmody.

Invictus Sea of Green

While most of them – except Torres – are new to the Invictus Camp this year, all of them are extremely talented athletes. Team members are: Sean Early, Lauren Stallwood, Kelsey Schulte, and Lalo Torres. 

Invictus Teen Athlete Going to the 2023 CrossFit Games

Marley Francis

Marley is one of a select few standout professional teen athletes, embodying the perfect blend of talent, discipline, and unwavering dedication to their craft. Although this is her first appearance at the NOBULL CrossFit Games, she has been exposed to CrossFit since she was four. When she was eight she penned her goal of competing at Games in her journal, making it a reality a few years later!

Invictus Men’s Athlete Going to the 2023 CrossFit Games

Chandler Smith

Chandler is a 3-time CrossFit Games athlete and member of our Invictus community. He is a fan favorite who has an upbeat perspective on competitive CrossFit as he demonstrates with his mindset throughout a competition weekend.

Invictus Masters Athletes Going to the 2023 CrossFit Games

Sam Dancer

Sam is no stranger to the big stage. Over the past decade, he has shown people he is here to compete. After his first podium finish on a team 9 years ago, followed up two years qualifying as an individual, then returning for another podium finish for Team Invictus, Sam was not showing signs of slowing down. Last year was something new when Sam made his way into the Masters category, and we were excited to watch him kill it all season. But in a crushing blow to what should have been a legendary Games finish for the notoriously strong athlete, Sam was forced to withdraw from last year’s Games after Event 2 due to bicep tear. Now he’s back and ready to finish what he started!

Jenn Ryan

If you’ve followed Invictus for the past seven years, you’ve heard the name Jenn F’n Ryan (JFR) – she has been around Invictus for years. The team superstar turned individual Masters athlete is five feet and two inches of pure power, strength, and heart. At forty-something years young, what we’ve seen so far from her performances on the competition floor is just the start of what will surely be a career that will go down in history when it comes to Masters athletes.

Cheryl Brost

Cheryl has been competing in CrossFit since 2010, with the first several years competing in the Individual Elite division from 2010-2014 and Games appearances in 2010, 2011, and 2012, finishing 13th, 7th and 15th in the world respectively. Cheryl began training with Invictus in early 2012 under C.J. Martin and then transitioned to the Invictus Masters program in 2014. This year will mark Cheryl’s 10th trip to the Games. 

Nicole Abbot

Nicole Abbot, aka Rabbit, is a fierce competitor whose dominance not only comes with her speed but also with her mindset. Give her any challenge and she will rise to the occasion! We can’t wait to see her full effort at the CrossFit Games!

Joe Lopez

We are pumped to see Joe crush it next week in his first ever CrossFit Games appearance!

Art Erickson

If you see a long, grueling workout then that has Art’s name written all over it. He is known for his incredible engine and ability to kick it into another gear. Unfortunately we won’t be able to see him at the CrossFit Games as he had to pull out but we look forward to seeing his name on that Games roster in the future.

Kevin Koester

Kevin is a longtime Invictus Masters athlete and a multi-time Games Champ. He may look intense but he’s not unapproachable and has a unique way of looking at life in order to maximize his time doing the things he loves despite his busy schedule both in and out of the gym.

John Mariotti

John is a longtime Invictus Masters athlete who first competed in the Open at age 55. He has made multiple Games appearances, taking 2nd place in 2022 in the 65+ division after not even intentionally training for Games. “My concept is simple…I don’t want to train for the Games. I want to train for health and longevity. The contest is a bonus!”

Debbie Downing

Our favorite 60-64 Aussie is back and stronger than ever! Give Debbie any odd object and she is going to smash it! She has been tirelessly working on improving her skills and fine tuning her fitness to be her best at this year’s Games. Her mental resilience and toughest is exceptional!

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Samanta Domson
Samanta Domson
October 27, 2023 9:02 am

Congratulations to Team Invictus and their athletes heading to the 2023 CrossFit Games. Their dedication, experience, and passion shine in their journey. It’s inspiring to see athletes of all ages and backgrounds pushing their limits. Best wishes for a successful competition.

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