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Chandler Smith CrossFit Games Athlete

This week Bryce talks to Chandler Smith! Chandler is a 3-time CrossFit Games athlete and member of our Invictus community. He shares his perspective on competitive CrossFit and details his mindset throughout a competition weekend.

Chandler Smith Timeline

(02:16): Assessing the post-semi-finals experience and current state
(04:00): CrossFit Games goals
(06:07): Training, Celebrating, and Sharing Love with Best Buddies at Invictus
(08:39): Challenges of going to war with an unexpected army
(12:40): Departing the wrestling team and embracing the new world
(13:50): Shifting perspectives from winning and losing in CrossFit
(18:51): Army to an athlete: Blending military insights with CrossFit dreams
(20:53): Navigating the changing landscape of CrossFit
(23:27): CrossFit’s sanctional events
(30:44): “Different sports respond to growth differently”
(33:43): Nurturing a healthy food relationship as an athlete
(44:16): “All problems are solvable”
(51:05): Building Resilience: Strengthening yourself after an injury
(01:01:20): Navigating childhood as the son of a professional athlete
(01:03:01): Unbreakable bonds formed through shared suffering


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