How to Hypervolt Your Pecs & Traps
Video by Heidi Barker & Jenn Ryan

Hyperice is  handheld vibrating massage tool with multiple attachments and speeds to help you loosen tight muscles and reduce soreness from hard training sessions. Many think of it as solely a recovery tool, which it is not. Although it is amazing in that realm, our athletes find it extremely beneficial to use in their warm-ups as well.

In this video, Acupuncturist Heidi Barker talks about how you can utilize the Hypervolt on your pecs and traps for general activation and also recovery. She goes over two different routines – one you can do with a partner and one you can do solo. Remember these considerations as you perform your routine to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time with your Hypervolt.

  • Are you using it for warm-up/muscle-up activation? Perform shorter bursts of around 30 seconds per muscle/group with the gun.
  • Are you using it for recovery? Perform sessions longer than a minute on a muscle/group.
  • Be aware of where your nerves are. Two places they are closer to the surface and should therefore be avoided are the sciatic area in the glute and in the pec near the armpit.
  • Be careful around joints or you could cause inflammation of the bursa.

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