How to Assess Your Mobility & Prepare for Overhead Movements
Video by TJ O’Brien

Going overhead today? Whether it’s shoulder press, push press, snatch, overhead squats or even gymnastics movements like handstands, there is a proper way to prepare for your training session. Even if you aren’t doing one of these exercises today, this 5-10 minute routine is something anyone with shoulder issues can do a few times a week to improve range of motion (ROM) and decrease pain.

In this video, Coach TJ takes you through a complete warm-up from how to assess your overhead position and then make improvements upon it so that you can lift and move safely and efficiently as well as diagnose any ‘problem areas’ you may have with your mobility and positioning.

Coach TJ will cover: assessing the shoulder’s mobility and movement patterns; shoulder CARs; passive stretching techniques; active stretching techniques; reinforcement of your newly found ROM; and reassessment of the shoulder’s mobility and movement patterns.

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John Rubino
John Rubino

excellent shoulder work and progression. I am back to starting on muscle ups and this is a great warm up. Also thanks for mentioning the Two minutes hold on the stretch, I tend to cut it short


Works wonders even with shoulder tears