Bicep Curls: A Prevention & Fix for Elbow Tendonitis
Videos by Bryce Smith & Michele Vieux

You don’t need to suffer from elbow pain and it can actually be prevented – in many cases – with a highly frowned-upon movement in many CrossFit gyms. But the bicep curl needn’t be something you’re ashamed of doing in public. Rather, they should be looked upon as a pre-hab or preventative exercise to be included in your training regimen if you are into kipping. Check out the video above by Coach Bryce for tips on how to use biceps curls to your advantage more than for a beach pump – to prevent elbow pain.

Already Having Elbow Pain? Try this Elbow Tendonitis Fix

Is pesky elbow tendonitis keeping you from attacking your workouts without pain or having to modify pulling movements? Most of us who have been CrossFitting for a while have experienced this painful and limiting condition. And most of us have tried many different ways of fixing it from rest, ice, massage, Voodoo Floss, and more but it usually still takes months to rehabilitate, leaving us with fewer options in our workouts and even day to day activities.

Add this simple exercise into your warm-ups a few times a week and see improvements within a week or two. This should be done with 1/2 of your 1 rep max bicep curl for one set of 10 reps per arm @ 51A1 tempo.

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