Hip Internal Rotation – What it’s Good for & How to Obtain More
Video by Nick Hawkes

How good is your hip internal rotation? Probably not as good as it should be. Most of us are nearly experts at external rotation (knees out!) but when it comes to moving those femurs inside the sockets in the opposite (internal) direction, most people fail to meet the functional movement standards.

Having functional range hip internal rotation (IR) is so important for many things. You need it to perform your best with hinging movements like deadlifts and even non-hinging movements like squatting because it helps you get into position and use the proper mechanics. And it is especially important to ensure a pain-free life. If your IR is off, something else is on (that’s not supposed to be) like your lower back, for example.

Let’s start making some improvements in all of these areas by improving your IR!

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