Spinal Segmentation – Key to a Healthy Spine
Video by Nick Hawkes

You are only as healthy as your spine is so a lot of effort should be put into making sure it is properly functioning. Spinal segmentation plays a huge role in whether or not yours is healthy. Did you know that each of your vertebrae should move independently of one another? Well they should, but for most, this is probably not the case.

In this video, Invictus Master Coach, Nick Hawkes, takes you through a version of Cat-Cow that will allow you to not only practice spinal segmentation (you do get better with practice), but also use it as a diagnostic tool to see where you might either be jammed up or have some motor control issues in your spine.

It’s also a great way to create awareness about where you are making up for the lack of segmentation in one area. For example, many of you might find that the lack of segmentation in the thoracic region can be felt as pinching, stiffness or pain in the lumbar region.

Once you identify your problem area(s), use Coach Nick’s tip to create some space in between those vertebrae and then retest your Segmented Cat-Cow. You should see at least some improvement right away. To hold onto that gain, make sure to complete at least 3-5 more reps of the Segmented Cat-Cow so your body knows that’s it’s new range of motion.

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October 13, 2020 11:28 am

Hi, My thoracic spine is stuck in extension on a couple of places .- st about T9/10 and below T3 which is fused with T2. It is so unbearably tight that can’t bear to lie on my back and it is forcing lower ribs to flare badly and making abs contract. I have a lot of other problems and am also on severe protracted withdrawal from diazepam I was on for muscle problems. The Issure around T20 to about L1 started following a laminectomy st L5/S1. The was a massive jolt and whole upper back, neck, shoulders went rigid –… Read more »