Slow Food & the Old Way of Life
Written by Michele Vieux

Have you ever been to the “Old World”? Everything is slower there and that is not such a bad thing. From producing textiles and art to eating a meal out – perfection takes time. The pace speaks to the way of life. There is no rushing around, every moment is enjoyed in the present, the people pour their hearts and souls into all they do, and they carry on the artisanal traditions of their ancestors. You can tell this even before your first bite of a local dish or your visit to the farm where they produce the food.

There is a similar movement in the U.S. as well and it’s called “Slow Food.” In such places, the food is of the freshest and some of the most unique in the world. This can be seen and tasted in the quality of the ingredients that were grown locally and with much care. Farms are tended by hands and animals, not by machines and chemicals. They are organic, the farmers proudly using the same methods that have been passed on through the generations. Those farmers then entrust the restaurants that purchase their food to continue its transformation into the most cared for meal you have ever experienced. And then the restaurants to the wait staff who are so passionate to help you explore and enjoy not only the flavors, but the entire experience.

So much thought, time and heart are put into each dish that you can actually taste the love and feel how much better it treats your body. You feel energized. Full, yet light. And your body is not worn, bloated or fighting against chemicals that should not be inside you.

Attention to the process and the details of tradition is what makes slow food so special. Whether it’s the farming of produce, raising livestock, preparation methods and how it is served – there is a process, hundreds of years old, and feels like it takes as long to complete it.

Maybe these masters of their Old World trades are wiser to the dangers of moving through life too fast or to the issues that come along with industrialization. Maybe its pride in the Old World ways. But the superiority of the result cannot be denied. The time and love put into each dish can be seen, felt and heard.

There is so much to learn from the Old World, it’s people and the way of life. Things that will ultimately make us both physically, mentally and emotionally healthier. Have curiosity about the process, as it is important to understand where things have come from and what was put into them because that will soon be a part of you. Put your heart into your work, as others can see, feel, taste and hear if you have not. Take your time to enjoy each moment because when you are in a rush, you will miss out on a deeper knowledge. Connect with strangers as you have more in common than you know.

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