Inside Invictus: EP18 – Reykjavik CrossFit Championships
Video by Kay Wiese

The Invictus Boston “Beasts from the East” head to Iceland this week to compete with Icelandic Gods in the land of fire and ice. These guys ‘meet halfway’ to train together and their chemistry is coming together nicely so they’re ready to shine!

Powered by massive amounts of vegetables (maybe the key to being crazy-strong) and on the way to the Mountain Run Event, the team plots how to manage Superstar Sam Briggs’s team and then sneak past them at the end. See how that works out for them. The brutal, uphill trail will be a both a physical and mental battle for every athlete and is a great first test.

Who is pretty excited to see 1RM Snatch come up for one of the Events? This team! With two, exceptionally strong athletes in Tola and Kelsey, they go into this one with confidence. They do not disappoint and the crowd goes ecstatic when Tola loads the bar up for a record lift and nails 153 kilos, crushing records in the process.

Watch and see how they do on Day 1 and what’s in store for the rest of the weekend.

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