Handstand Walk Progressions
Video by Travis Ewart

Handstand walking can be a fun and impressive skill to master. Many athletes work for years to develop the skill, and yet still have not mastered it. When you are a novice handstand walker and see that handstand walks come up in the Open, it can be frustrating (and sometimes embarrassing) to try to figure out the skill on the fly with time ticking down.

Please watch our Handstand Walk Progressions video and find where you can comfortably challenge yourself time and time again to work your way to success by moving through the progressions to achieve your handstand walking goals, whether it’s to do it for the first time in 19.3 or to do it faster than ever before.

At Invictus Gymnastics we aim to point you toward PR City with skills such as the handstand walk. In our video you will learn some progressions that are relatively safe and challenging, but not so challenging that you will feel discouraged. We believe firmly that overwhelming an athlete will only damage one’s ego and confidence – neither one of which are mindsets that lead to success.

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