Pro Tip for Vegetarians Who Want to Gain Mass
Written by Fritz Nugent

It’s possible for vegetarians to gain mass. Whatever you eat now, eat 10% more than that at every meal.

I’m working with a vegetarian guy in Germany right now who gained 4 lbs last month (moved from 216 to 220 lbs.) That’s 1 lb. a week! He eats: 250 grams of protein a day, 500 grams of carbs, and 150 grams of fat for a whopping 4350 calories. 

This is to illustrate that it’s very possible for you to 1) eat vegetarian and gain mass, 2) get a ton of protein as a vegetarian, and 3) work consistently towards your goals = results. 

Consistency here is key. You can’t show up one week with training and food and stop the next week. You must give the results time to compound until they are very noticeable. Then your life changes. 

Do you need help with consistency or the plan? Coach Fritz is available to work with you on your nutrition goals

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