Invictus Nutrition is unlike other nutrition programs. It is based on the four pillars of overall health: Food, Stress, Sleep, and Movement.

Our coaches will give you a personalized nutrition plan created just for you and your needs, accountability, and the education to maintain life-long healthy habits.

This program is for everyone - from the athlete who needs to figure out how to find an extra edge in their training to achieve their competitive goals, to the person who just wants to improve their body composition to be a happier, healthier person.

With our Goal-Based Nutrition Program, you will receive:

Get the tools you need to develop healthier habits
and maintain your best quality of life... forever.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Based on your unique needs, personal goals, and designed to fit your lifestyle.

Nutrition Guide

A comprehensive 'Get Started' manual with our nutritional guidelines for long-term success

Certified Nutrition Coach

Who can provide you advice and modifications throughout your entire journey

Q&A With Your Coach

Your questions answered and adjustments made to ensure your success

Accountability Tracking Worksheet

Reviewed by your coach

Meet your coaches:



M.S. Sports Conditioning & Performance

Fritz believes that significant body composition and performance improvements manifest through a thriving body and mind. He teaches the four pillars of health and guides his clients towards optimization. Fritz's nutritional expertise falls into two camps: performance-based nutrition for speed and power athletes, and mass gain, which are both rooted in habit formation. He has coached many nutrition success stories and has learned from them all. He loves to dig into his client's habits to help them uncover specific solutions to each unique situation.



Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Kim has a passion for helping others reach their goals. As a former rugby player, competitive CrossFitter, current fitness coach, nutrition coach and mother of one, she has attacked her own personal nutrition over the years from a number of angles. Using the information she has gained from her own struggles and successes, combined with her continued thirst for knowledge on how our bodies are fueled, she has helped numerous clients reach their body composition goals and create a healthy relationship with food. Figuring out what methodology works for each person and then implementing a personalized plan to fit their lifestyle is her specialty.


How it Works:

Step 1:

Commit to goals

Decide your commitment level for your lifelong health goals by signing up.

Step 2:

Take the questionnaire

Complete the questionnaire that will go directly to your coach for review.

Step 3:

Coach Review

Coach reviews your questionnaire and contacts you to set up a meeting.

Step 4:

Zoom/phone call

You and your coach meet to uncover your specific habit change opportunities.

Step 5:

Receive your Plan

Receive your nutrition plan & Welcome Pack from your coach within a week of submitting.

Step 6:

Get started

Get started on your plan. Expect weekly check-ins and habit tweaks from your coach.

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Laura S.

Kim is truly amazing! Coming from an athletic background of playing softball in college, strength training and cardio has always been a huge part of my life. Transitioning from college athletics and a sport I spent countless hours perfecting to the real world was extremely challenging. That is when I discovered CrossFit and fell in love with the movements and the community but saw that my nutrition game was the missing piece. In just a few months of working with Kim, she has helped me improve how I look at food and reshaped other areas of my life such as sleep, stress, and movement. I am creating sustainable lifelong habits that will ultimately help me reach my fitness goals and shape me into the CrossFit athlete I hope to be. I am learning to embrace the mentality that “more is not better, better is better” as Kim has guided me to trust the process and trust that the results will come.


Lexie K.

Nutrition should be simple and I was making it hard. There are so many things on the internet regarding diets and macros that I was trying to figure out myself and it was just not working. I decided to join the Invictus Nutrition program to get some guidance. Kim took me back to the basics and was the consistent accountability that I needed. She guided me in the right direction regarding macros and my goals. Now I am 10lbs lighter and on to my next goal, getting stronger!


Nik C.

I was always one of those guys that trained hard in the gym and used that as an excuse to eat whatever I want. But ultimately I knew that was holding me back from performing at my best. So I did a month of Invictus Nutrition coaching to learn about how much and which foods I should be eating to maximize my results and properly fuel my workouts. In the last 30 days I've completely cut out caffeine, PR'd my back squat and am performing better than ever. Dialing-in my diet was something I always "knew" I should do, but it wasn't until I invested in getting the support and accountability from Invictus Nutrition that I was finally able to put this piece of the puzzle together.


Alexander P.

I've been putting my functional fitness to a test several times. I finished a 50+ hours Navy SEAL boot camp lately, doing thousands of Push Ups and Burpees and spending quite some time in ice water.

While preparing for those events, physical training has never been an obstacle but something I loved doing and playing around with. My nutrition felt like a burden, though. I did know intellectually how I should be eating and what I should avoid to support my training and recovery. But that's obviously not enough. If you'd ask me what I wish for back then, it would have been a magic pill with all macro- and micronutrients, so I don't have to think about my food anymore.

That's when I found "INVICTUS Nutrition" and met Fritz for the first time. And that's when my habits changed!

The program helped me to better understand my body and its needs, plus it made me someone who actually likes to cook and prepare meals that are healthy AND taste good.

I don't even need to count calories anymore, as I can “feel“ what I need during the day. If you struggle with your nutrition or just want to further improve this important area of your overall growth, I highly recommend this program.

For me, it has been a life-changing experience!


Hunter B.

Invictus has changed my mindset and the way I view fitness. I have learned to stay married to the process but divorced from the outcome. Working with Fritz has turned my life around completely. I have developed a better relationship with my body and have learned to listen to the signals that it gives me. I also have been coached by Fritz to get over disordered eating and training habits that have improved the overall quality of my life and overall health.


Eric C.

Having Jenn work with me on my diet has allowed me to lose weight and continue to eat enough to have high energy and performance levels. She is flexible and able to adjust my diet based on training so I am not hungry, but still slowly losing fat.



Working with Fritz has helped me develop a strong knowledge of food and how it correlates to athletic training. As I increased my athletic activity, I had a plan for my running and lifting. However, I did not adjust my diet. As a result, I began to lose weight and felt weaker during my workouts. After talking to Fritz, he helped me adjust my diet to match athletic goals. I was able to increase my weekly running mileage without losing weight. My lifts and workouts felt more fueled. As much as the team at Invictus can help with athletics, they can equally assist with dietary plans.

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