CrossFit Open 20.5 Strategy & Tips
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Can you believe it’s the final week of the CrossFit Open?! Check out all the different options below and remember, unless you are a Games hopeful, only do this workout once and give it your all the first time. Full effort is full victory!

Competitive CrossFitters

If you’ve been following the Invictus Competition program for some time or any of the other Invictus Athlete Programs, or if you have aspirations to make it to the CrossFit Games, check out the Tips for competitive athletes video from Invictus Athlete Coaches CJ Martin, Tino Marini, and Hunter Britt.

Beginner to Intermediate CrossFitters

If you’re pretty new to competitive CrossFit, or you just do it for “fun”, and are looking for an approach for Open workouts, here are a couple of options for you, especially if you’re not as comfortable with a barbell and if you don’t have aspirations to qualify for the CrossFit Games. In the video below, Justin and Bern of CrossFit Invictus provide tips and strategies for tackling the workouts for fun and camaraderie.

Fresh-Perspective CrossFitters

Coaches Kirsten and Nick give you options if you have some other life factors – like injury history and lifestyle goals – to consider. Make sure to check that out if you want to participate in the Open but not cause damage to your body or derail your plan to reach your health and fitness goals. These programming alternatives are intended to inspire and serve anyone that wants to participate in the Open but may need a fresh-perspective and customized workout options that better align with their injury history or personal fitness goals. Maybe double-unders aren’t a skill you have or want to develop? Or toes-to-bar aggravate an old back injury? Let’s explore other options available for your Open fitness participation!

20.5 Tips for Competitive Athletes

Hunter Britt and Tino Marini from CrossFit Invictus discuss their coaching tips for CrossFit Open 20.5. Whether you’re throwing down at your local Friday Night Lights or just getting started in your home gym, they break down how you can get the best score possible out of 20.5.

20.5 Tips for Beginner & Intermediate Athletes

Bern and Justin review their strategy for 20.5. What’s your approach for this workout? How are you planning on making it through all 40 muscle-ups? Got a strategy for the rowing? Sit down with the Bern Prince and Justin Wright as they talk beginner and intermediate strategy for 20.5.

20.5 Tips for Fresh-Perspective CrossFit Athletes

This video is on our IGTV @invictus_sandiego. Check there for a fresh perspective on making these movements work for your body’s needs and fitness goals.

20.5 Tips for Adapting THE CROSSFIT OPEN 

Here are some guidelines and tips for adapting the last workout of the 2020 CrossFit Open! As always, adapting is individualized to each person and so please make smart choices for yourself or your athletes based on their specific conditions and fitness levels.

General Crossfit Open 20.5 Guidance For All Adaptive Athletes

What a great test to finish the 2020 CrossFit Open! This combination of movements should be the easiest out of the previous events to adapt and keep your gym inclusive. Find appropriate movement adaptations and consider reducing the reps or cals to retain the stimulus of the prescribed test.

Muscle-Ups for Adaptive Athletes

No matter if you are scaling or adapting (or doing both), keep this movement in the gymnastics modality. Use common regressive scaling tactics like chest-to-bar pull-ups, chin-over-bar pull-ups, jumping pull-ups or ring rows.

Rowing for Adaptive Athletes

Consider reducing the calories for athletes who may have a reduced leg and/or hip function, or grip disabilities. Reductions down to 60cals are appropriate for athletes with spinal cord injuries.

Wall Ball Shots for Adaptive Athletes

You have two variables to play with for wall-ball shots: weight and height of target. Adjust one or both to find the appropriate stimulus for the athlete. As guidance, a high-level seated athlete usually throws a 14/10-lb ball to 9/8ft. For athletes with a lower extremity impairment or neurological condition, always offer to use a box at parallel for squatting safety.

A scorecard is linked here to provide some examples of adapted versions of 20.5.

Adapting Assistance for Workouts

If you have any questions about adapting workouts during the Open, please contact me and I will be happy to guide you through the process [].

More tips for CrossFit Open Workout 20.5…

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