Erick Gavelan – Proof that Consistency Yields Results
Written by TJ O’Brien

Erick made an impression on the coaches here from the get-go. He was a member at Point Loma (RIP) and has kept his workout habits even with the transition to Downtown. Those habits include arriving each morning at 5:30 am for the 6 am class. Erick has used this half-hour to mobilize and socialize with a few other Downtown early birds who seize the day when most of us are fast asleep. 

About six months ago, Erick asked CJ how he could improve his gymnastics. CJ recommended that Erick sign up for Coach Travis’ online program and sure enough, the very next day Erick was here early, working on Travis’ programming. After about three months on the program, he earned himself some pistol squats and improved his pull-up capacity and positioning. 

Next, Erick attended Coach B’s Olympic lifting cert (Invictus is hosting one on November 16th!) and came back with a fire and passion for getting under some big weight. It was at this point that Erick decided to bring some of the gym into his own home – about 3 months ago, he built an Olympic lifting platform in his garage! 

Still, there was room to improve. Coach Burgener has long been a proponent of putting mobility first when it comes to moving the most weight as efficiently as possible. Erick’s Achilles heel was his elbow and shoulder mobility. This time, he inquired with Coach TJ as to what the best path forward was in order to fix it. Check out this post detailing how we went about increasing his range of motion, but know that Erick’s shoulders and elbows have “felt the best they ever have” after five weeks of specific mobility exercises to address his deficits. 

Erick discovers an issue, finds a solution and gets to work. He gets up early to attack the day, is an active member on SugarWOD where he records his results and supports others in the Sea of Green from around the world, and is proof that consistency yields results across disciplines. He has a wife, daughter, and a full-time job; he doesn’t find time, he makes it. Congrats on your progress so far, Erick. We’re all excited to see what’s next! 

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