5 Ways To Get Out Of Your Goal Rut
Written by Nichole DeHart-Kribs

Feeling stumped when thinking about how to tackle your goals? Not feeling like you have very clear direction on what your goals are and where you want to go? Need to reassess your goals and what you want, or thought you wanted?

We have all been there. We have the desire to do great things in the gym, in our professional life and/or personal life, but feel a lack of direction and even, perhaps, motivation to work towards those goals.

If you are feeling like you are in this boat, then please read on as I go over five things to help you become more clear-headed to set or tackle your goals.

1 – Meditation. Yes, this activity keeps popping up. That is because it is a tried and true exercise to stimulate clarity. The act of getting quit, tuning things out and quitting the monkeys in your mind can seem daunting (especially if you are used to that chaos in your mind), but is vital when getting a clear picture of what you want. Many have found it challenging to figure out how to meditate so get some help. Calm is an awesome app and free. You can start with trying out the 7 Days of Calm to work on the basics of mindfulness and will take only ten minutes a day.

2 – Get Outside. There is almost nothing that can parallel the inspiration provided by nature and is one of the best ways to clear your mind. Nature provides a beautiful platform to stimulate inspiration, clarity and will allow you to get perspective on things. If you are feeling in a lull then make some time to get yourself into nature.

3 – 15 Minutes of Free-Flow Writing. This is meant to be writing just for you, no one else is seeing this. Sit down with a pen in hand (or open a Word document) and start writing about whatever comes to your mind. Let your mind wander as you write; you may be surprised by the topics, feelings and desires that surface. Feeling stumped with this free flow writing? Then ask yourself questions like these to stimulate writing: ‘what am I passionate about;’ what brings me happiness;’ and ‘what is my ideal day.’

4 – Social Media Absence. There is nothing like social media getting your personal goals confused with other people’s goals. Social media is a fairly new phenomenon and can easily distract you from your own journey. Taking a leave of absence from social media can help get your mind focused on your goals instead of creating expectations for yourself just because of what others are doing. Have a social media cleanse and recalibrate yourself based on your life, not on others glamorized photos and 60-second videos.

5 – Grab an Inspiring Book. Choose a book that highlights a person, team or situation that brings you inspiration. Reading about someone who has courageously overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles or reading about how others have tapped into their creative juices can reignite that fire in you to get clear on what you want. It could be a biography on Martin Luther King, a book about an inspiring coach like John Wooden, or an article about the heroic efforts of men like William Tyndale. Regardless of who it is, reading about other inspiring individuals, teams or circumstances can give you the needed motivation to get out of the goal rut.

Try implementing these tools to help you find the vigor, inspiration and determination to get clear direction with your goals and your journey.

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December 9, 2022 6:21 am

I would recommend finding someone who has the same goals as you do to be your accountability partner. This way you have someone to help you stay on track and they will also be there when you achieve your goal.

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