5 Tips for Improved Efficiency on The Burpee Box Jump Over
Written by Brittany Weiss

The burpee box jump-over (BBJO) is a movement you see regularly in CrossFit but it’s also a movement I feel we don’t often think about adding any technique to. A burpee box jump-over is actually two separate movements combined into one, a burpee and a box jump-over. It’s a great cardio exercise that will get your heart racing and your legs aching. It’s aimed toward developing strength and endurance of the athlete’s body. Here are a couple tips so you can crush the BBJO when the time comes!

Tips for Burpee Box Jump Overs

Stay Moving

There’s no resting with anything that involves burpees. You will get really good at falling to the ground and standing back up over and over again. Always keep reach, drop, pop the hips, stand, and then finish with a jump in the back of your mind. Having smooth burpees will help your transition into the box jump-over. We have many different styles of how to perform the burpee (a couple listed below).

Stay Low

When it comes to a box jump-over you are not required to show full hip extension on top of the box. The more you can shorten your range of motion, the faster it will be to get up and over the box. Jump off the floor; land in a partial squat on top of the box; rebound down to the floor.

Stay Smooth

After you perform your burpee and you are working toward getting yourself to the other side of the box, it is important for you to find a steady rhythm. Focus on being explosive and finding a flow that you can maintain. Here are two different ways you can get to the other side of the box. Test out both versions to figure out which one keeps you in the best rhythm.

The 90 Degree Jump: As you start to jump on the box after you have completed your burpee, think about making a 90 degree turn as you jump. That will help you finish facing the box rather than facing away from the box.

The 90 Degree Pivot: If you are someone that likes to step down rather than jump down from the top think of a 90 degree pivot as you step down. When you jump, the leg that is closest to the opposite side of the box becomes the pivot leg on that rep.


As soon as one foot hits the ground or the second both feet hit you should be thinking about dropping down to the floor. Use the momentum from the rep to accelerate and get yourself moving into your next rep.


If you hold your breath during this movement it’s just going to spike your heart rate ten times faster. Find a place during the exercise that feels most comfortable for you to take breath and remind yourself that you are ok.

When it comes down to it, you either love anything that has to do with burpees or you hate them. Just like anything else in life, you want to find the right technique and strategy for you. Play around with different variations to see which one works and keeps you moving in the most efficient way possible. Smooth is fast, fast is smooth!

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March 22, 2021 1:11 am

I read this article! I hope you will continue to have such articles to share with everyone! thank you!

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