4 Tips to Break Through Your Deadlift Plateau
Video by Hunter Britt

Lifting gains can be made for a couple reasons – sometimes they are due to improvements in technique and sometimes because of increases in strength. Below are two technique tips and two strength drills for to try so you can make some #gainz.

The technique tips should be used as cues every time you deadlift – make sure to really emphasize these with your lighter sets so that when it’s time to go for your new 1RM, you’ll have already greased the groove. The strength drills can be used as supplemental work or even as the second half of a super set on an upper body strength day.

2 Technique Tips to Improve Your Deadlift

1. PUSH and rock back before you pull. Get up .next to the bar, put tension on the bar then push and rock back. This gets you ahead of the curve by getting the bar bending and moving from the start.

2. Think KNEES BACK and HIPS FORWARD when the bar reaches your knee (your shins should be vertical at this point). This will keep you in position to be able to use your hip power to finish the lift because of the glutes and hamstrings contracting.

2 Drills to Improve Deadlift Strength

1. Bent-Over Rows: These are great because you can add a lot of weight (40-50% of your MAX Deadlift) to increase your strength in the pull. You can use straps for this or even just the hook grip, if you are ultra tough. It is important to keep the chest facing the floor throughout the entire lift. Try to touch the bar to your body between your belly button and hips. There should be tension in the hamstrings and the lats the entire set.

2. Glute-Ham Raises: I love these because they force you to use only the hamstrings. To set this up, make sure your knees are halfway between the top and bottom of the seat pad on the GHD machine. A good rep is to full extension of the knees then back upright. If you are unable to perform these, use a buddy, band or PVC to assist you with your reps.

Will technique work, strength work or both help lift you to new deadlift PR’s? Incorporate these drills into our next 8 Week Strength Development cycle. Set some new deadlift PRs with us in 8 short weeks.

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