Our 2014 Fall “Look Good, Feel Good” Challenge Wrap Up!
Written by Kim McLaughlin

The most recent “Look Good, Feel Good” Challenge has come to an end and the winners have been crowned – congratulations to our top five individuals! These people worked their butts off over the last eight weeks of the competition and that could be seen in their before and after pics. Each one received a cash prize and some extra goodies to reward them for all of their efforts. Congratulations to:

  1. James Cho
  2. Laura Durance
  3. Mike Harrington
  4. Roz Coble
  5. Annette Irving

The top five, however, weren’t the only winners in the “Look Good, Feel Good” Challenge this time around. There were a total of 110 participants and thanks to sponsors like PurePharma, Triton Nutrition, Burger Lounge, and SonRise Ranch, we were able to award prizes to 35 of those individuals – the most prizes given out of any “Look Good, Feel Good” competition we’ve ever done at Invictus! People were awarded for activity participation, pull-up improvement and overall gains in the workout, as well as for some amazing results that were not necessarily apparent in the before and after pictures that were taken.

Some of our participants were able to take part in some hydrostatic testing to assess their body composition at the beginning and the end of the competition. For almost everyone who took advantage of this, even if the pictures didn’t show huge improvements, the stats around their body fat percentage and weight goals did. There were participants who lost upwards of 15 pounds and more than 5% of their body fat!

In addition to the individual winners, we also had the Point Loma Morning crew win our team competition. Each member of the 28 person team took home a small prize bag and they are currently planning their team outing. In addition to excelling in the LGFG workout, they also had outstanding participation in the 18 activities that were held throughout the competition.

Congratulations to all of our participants and a huge thank you to all of our sponsors and staff members that helped to make this “Look Good, Feel Good” Challenge such a huge success!