Seeing How Far I Can Go
Written by Shanel Morrow

“When I started CrossFit West Jax this past September, I remember telling Coach Nick (Hawkes) that my first goal was to back squat 100#. At the time, I was barely pushing 65#. By the time December, and our move to San Diego, came around, I had improved significantly, but was still shy of my goal. January meant resuming CrossFit – this time at Invictus, with my same goal in mind. On March 29, I went for it under Coach Nick’s guidance and I got 105# for three reps! I never knew how great it could feel to finally hit a mark like that! Finally meeting my goal just fueled the PR-fire for me – a 115# Back Squat for my birthday (5/3/2013) and 130# for two reps today (5/6/2013)! I have doubled from where I started! The harder I push myself and the weights, the more I listen to my beloved coaches and fellow Invicti, and the more I ignore the voice in my head that says to stop, the better I get. This stuff is addicting! I quite simply like to just keep adding weights and seeing how far I can go!”