Holden began CrossFitting in 2013 and found Invictus after the Open in 2014 when he began following the competitors programming. A trip to San Diego for an Athlete Camp, where he met the Invictus crew, was the beginning of his relationship with Invictus, which led him to an individual appearance in the 2015 West Regional in 2015.

Along the way, Holden has fostered a special interest in Olympic weightlifting and jumps at the chance to learn and pass knowledge of the sport along to others as he loves having the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis, no matter how big or small.

Before CrossFit, he was a multi-sport athlete and played football, basketball and baseball throughout high school and eventually walked-on to the Central Washington University football team. It’s through sports that he fell in love with fitness and competing. Being an athlete his entire life has instilled in him the value of hard work and he practices this in all aspects of his life, something he preaches to his clients and athletes as well.

He believes that all workouts should be fun in nature, as made evident by the high amount of energy and light-heartedness he brings while instructing. Holden is known for the enjoyment he gets from pushing past what they think their limits are.

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