Brittany attended a friend’s birthday party at a gymnastics center when she was two and has been an athlete ever since. She continued with gymnastics and was a competitive gymnast for 16 years with her favorite event being the beam. Training four hours a day, six days a week taught her time management at a really young age but also caused her to burn out after high school. She was looking for something different and her gymnastics coach introduced her to CrossFit. She started taking classes and did the Open for first time in 2014, and ended up going team for CrossF Tier One in Greenville, East Carolina.

Before coaching CrossFit, Brittany was a gymnastics coach and loves working with 6-10 year olds because of seeing how excited they are to exercise and try new things. Because of her gymnastics background, she loves to coach in that specialty, especially on how to properly and efficiently kip.

Brittany came to Invictus after being coached remotely by Tino (and CJ) and deciding she wanted to be a part of our coaching staff and competitive team. She holds her CrossFit Level 2 Certification.

Brittany loves Italian food – especially homemade ravioli and lasagna, going to the beach, and hiking, beach volleyball,  and sun time. Her favorite animal is her cat, Kiwi.

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