Every 2 minutes, for 18 minutes (3 sets each) of:
Station 1 – 4-8 Ring Muscle-Ups
Station 2 – 50-75 Foot Handstand Walk
(use a partner assist to accumulate the volume and time under tension if you’re still learning hand balancing)
Station 3 – L-Sit x 60 seconds
(accumulate the time if you’re unable to maintain this position unbroken)

Two sets for times of:
30/25 Calories of Assault Bike
20 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (30″/24″)
Rest 6 minutes

You have a long rest period for this workout, but the expectation is that it will be a 100% effort sprint when you’re working.

  • Michal


    B. 4:09* / 3:35. Was not sure if my shins will survive those jumps so… decided to “scale as needed”.



    • Ryan Bliss

      Where was the photo taken? That is one big tire.

      • Michal

        The gym is located in Kielce, Poland – feel free to check out: Facebook.com/lepszyklub


  • Derrick

    – Worked on Bar MU’s – got a few
    – HS Holds
    – L-Sits acquired 1 min
    Rx 13:30

  • Mani Sadegh

    A: did “Fitness”
    B: 4:20 / 4:34 on a 24” box

  • Jérémy Dagorn

    What is a good substitute for Ring MU if you cannot do Muscle Ups? Is there some type of transition we can work on from the rings? That workout looks like fun, will make sure to do it later today.

  • Nathan

    Did 5/17 today…

    A. No blocks so I did clean and jerk instead…
    245 pr by 20 lbs… Maybe could go heavier but focusing on form

    B. Thought about skipping…but…
    1. 28
    2. 27
    3. 20
    4. 21

    C. Steam room recovery…

    • Joey Maltais

      cool PR!

  • Michele Vieux

    Happy Friday Everyone!

    Notes about gymnastics in general…If you tend to skip or dread these days, you might consider checking out Coach Travis’s Supplemental Gymnastics Program (http://www.crossfitinvictus.com/competitors/invictus-athletes-programs/) which is geared towards all level of athletes. It consists of drills to help you improve in skills often seen in CrossFit, like handstand walks, muscle-ups (bar and ring), handstand push-ups, pistols and more. The sessions are broken into levels (Level I, Level II and Level III) so you can choose which level best suits you. The sessions can be added as a supplement to your current training program three days per week (or as a stand-alone program). Here are some examples of what you can expect as far as video instruction:

    The Mounting Ring Muscle-Up

    A How To For the False Grip

    Donkey Kick Drill for Handstand Improvement

    Pro Tips for Handstand Kick-Ups

    The Importance of Handstand Fall-Overs

    Finger Press to Strengthen Your Handstand Holds

    Common Handstand Problems

  • thelonghorn

    A. Done, ring MUs getting 7 unbroken, everything else needs work.
    B. Did this 3 times. The first time through my legs locked up on the first box jump.. I finished out the round with burpee broad jumps.

    Then did two rounds Rx, with 5 air squats after getting off the AB to loosen up.

    C. 5 sets of DB bench press

  • Candy Olkey

    Day behind…and as bad as today went…I should have just skipped it!
    A. Back Squat
    Warm up x 3 @ 105#, 135, 145
    150# x 3
    160 x 2
    165 x 1
    165 x 3
    170 x F, F, F
    165 x F, F, F
    Done with the back squats…let it get to me and I’m going to just move on

    B. RX 4R + 8 WB

    I know momma always said there would be days like this…but they suck! Not enough rest this week, the weather has been way to nice in NY to sleep…but you bet I’m going to get my 10 hours in Friday night and Saturday night!!

    • Joey Maltais

      No such thing as a bad training day, just an experience to learn from! Happens to all of us. Have a good week end!

      • Candy Olkey

        You are so right. ..and I hate to be negative. ..it’s just so frustrating and disappointing when a WO doesnt go as planned. But tomorrow is another day and I’m gonna go into it with a positive fresh mind and body! Thanx so much for the support Joey….have a great weekend!

  • Eric Hayes

    A. Tweaked it a bit.10 reps of Bench press @ 185 lbs, 10 reps of pull-ups, 10 reps of shoulder press @ 45lb DB, and 2min (ish) of L-sit attempts.

    B. 11:21 (ran short on time so only took a 4 min break). Box jumps were brutal. Didn’t have a big box, so attempted to jump super high

  • David Franco

    A1. 3 ring pu with 20lb plate carrier. Rest 45 sec, then attempt a MU without vest. Failed, so I did 3-5 more ring pu.
    A2. Handstand holds. Rough as always. I bit the dirt once trying to prolong my unsupported handstand; hope I don’t end up on YouTube
    A3. L sits improved! 20 sec ub is my new “PR”. lol.

    B. Gym doesn’t have Assault Bike. So did fighters workout with punching bag: round 1 at full speed 10 jab, then 10 cross. 10 front hook, then 10 cross hook.10 front uppercut, 10 cross uppercut. Then rx box jumps. About 3 minutes

    Round 2: with bag at sprint speed, 10 front low leg kicks, 10 back. Then 10 front leg body roundhouse kicks, 10 back leg. 10 front leg head roundhouse kicks, 10 with back leg. Then rx box jumps. About 5 minutes.

  • Matteo Kravczyk

    A: 3 MU @ 1 Muscle-up = 3 Pull-ups + 3 Ring Dips
    HS Walk = HS Taps

    B: 5:20 / 5:22 @ 25cal Row

  • anders folger

    B only. No AB so 30 cal row
    13:39-3:39/6min rest/4:00
    Ouch. Legs were already sore from yesterday…burpee box jumps were not fun.

  • thelonghorn

    Wow, just watched regionals event 2 and saw several athletes in the East go down with torn pecs(apparent) and of course another went down in training prior to the event. Considering I injured my shoulder in a WOD where I was trying to cycle ring dips as fast as I could, this hits home. Any thoughts coach? In my case I know my form broke down, I assume that might be what happened to these guys too? Has to be heart breaking.

    • I know I’m like 5 days late on this, but from a gymnastics coach’s perspective and looking at our programming I’d say that it’s always best to build up high intensity volume. The way that I prefer to scale movements like Ring Dips or Muscle-Ups usually allow an athlete to utilize their own bodies to make adjustments to the difficulty of the movement. When you are in a workout and it’s requested that you do 12 Ring Muscle-Ups or what have you, I’d suggest my clients to do 12 scaled Strict Muscle-Ups trying to keep their form as close to perfect as possible while still keeping up the pace. Alternatively, if someone has several Muscle-Ups just fine, but maybe not 12, I’d ask them to do maybe 3 on the high rings then move to the low rings for the remaining 9 and try to do that for every set. Just as an example, here’s my preferred method of scaling Ring Dips. I hope this advice is helpful.

      And just so I can plug my program, we do offer an Invictus Gymnastics program available by subscription that puts these type of scaled movements into skill-appropriate 20 minute workouts to further grow your gymnastics movement knowledge and practice. If you what to check it out here’s a link below, and if you’d like a sample day I can forward one to your email. Email me [email protected] if you are interested!


      • thelonghorn

        Thanks for the reply. I know my problem which resulted in injury was not keeping good form under intensity. If I had to pinpoint the flaw I would say it was dropping from the top of the dip to the bottom and then suddenly re-engaging at the bottom… something you can get away with when doing say push-ups, but not on the unstable platform of rings. I need to focus on staying engaged through the full range of motion. I’m guessing that same flaw in form might be what caused the unfortunate result with several regional athletes.

  • Britt J

    A. Did fitness a
    Ring row x10
    Nose to wall 60 sec hold
    Knee tuck instead of l sit accumulate 60 sec

    B.bike is not an assault bike so everything super slow it’s like an airdyne
    Did 10 [email protected]″ and [email protected]
    It’s 95 and no AC I need to get used to this heat jump.

  • JT

    Watched some of the regional events and decided to do a half Murph. Started with my ballistic vest (24 lbs) but had to take it off half way through the workout. Burnt myself out running from a dog on the first 800m. The games athletes made running it with a vest look so east. Finished in 21:22.

  • Joey Maltais

    A.1: modified to low ring banded strict muscle up using purple band: 6-6-6. First time trying this, I really feel like this will strengthen my transition. I feel my elbows pop a little and the tiny muscle behind my elbow hurts pretty bad (in a good way), does that seem normal? I’m also practicing my false grip with this of course.
    A.2: modified to wall runs facing wall: 20-20-22. These were not very pretty. Also I tried some facing away from the wall before starting and I’m not stable enough to do even 1
    A.3: L sit progression: 1 leg up at a time and other leg straight with heel on floor
    B: As rx’d: time for AB/total time
    5 min banded scarecrow during break (only realized it was this long after)
    On the bbjo I worked on dropping directly to the floor after seeing Michele’s video on that this week. I used to always step down from standing to the floor when I got tired so this helped me get better.
    Slept in this morning so felt good tonight. Have a great week end everyone

    • Candy Olkey

      I did the banded strict MU also…love them…really gave me the feeling of a MU!

      • Joey Maltais

        Me too! Really looking forward to working on these regularly to get to strict rmus

      • @candyolkey:disqus , if you look above I gave some other ideas to Joey that you might want to try 🙂

        • Candy Olkey

          Thanx Travis….I finally have the strict HSPU and DU down…now my goal is the MU and handstand walk. I try to do xtra work 3-4 days a week…I’ll be implementing this drill as well as the handstand walk drills that Michele posted.

    • Hey @joeymaltais:disqus !
      Banded Strict are awesome. That pain behind your elbow is your triceps insertion, and if you don’t feel it working there you are doing it wrong! So, good news, right? Here’s another drill you can do. It’s tricky but one of my favorites:

      For your Handstand Walks, try this version (if space permits) these are really fun :-):

      If you’d like more gymnastics work we do have an online program available by subscription called Invictus Gymnastics. There’s three levels with three 20-minute sessions per week you can bounce from one level to another on. If you’re interested, check it out here: https://www.crossfitinvictus.com/competitors/invictus-athletes-programs/

      I hope this has been helpful! Sorry for the late reply, I was at my cousin’s bachelor party all weekend.

      • Joey Maltais

        Great news indeed! Really looking forward to keep working on those movements. Thanks for the extra drills, I will definitely incorporate them. I’ve been considering the gymnastics program and will probably give it a try sometime soon. I already have lots of stuff to work on right now but I’d like to check it out as soon as I have a bit more time. I hope you had a blast at your cousin’s bachelor party. Cheers!

  • Janelle Hudgin Winston

    So, if strength is still an issue as far as MU, should I go with the 3-1 strict pull ups & dips or do some other scale?

    • Hi @janellehudginwinston:disqus !
      I know that this info probably doesn’t help much for the workout you already did, but I was on a weekend vacation and couldn’t answer anyone’s questions till not. I am the Invictus Gymnastic coach, and wanted to give you some advice, at least for the future.

      When the programming calls for Muscle-Ups, I see that some people went to the bar, or rings, but normally the rings is where the Muscle-Ups are unless it says Bar Muscle-Ups. Depending on what you were doing on Friday (assuming they were Ring Muscle-Ups), did you do them Strict or Kipping? Here’s two drills you could use for Strict.


      If you were doing kipping, here’s some ideas that you could use in place of the high rings…

      Keep in mind that Pull-Ups and Dips aren’t Muscle-Ups. The Muscle-Up is actually the transition from below the rings to above, so when programming calls for MUs, it’s best to work the transition and when programming calls for Dips or Pull-Ups that’s when you should be exercising those 🙂

      I hope this helps! If you want more gymnastics help you can jump on our Invictus Gymnastics program available by subscription at the link below:

      • Janelle Hudgin Winston

        Thank you so much! It really helps to be pointed in the right direction! I did strict pull ups and bench dips, because they are still a weakness, and because the rings were being used. I have been working on the low ring progression, but I will include it and the other variations you posted, into future WODS. Again thank you for answering my question! 🙂

        • Absolutely! If you ever have gymnastics questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  • Jason Jardine

    Mixed in Fitness tonight but pleasantly surprised on part A. I was a Gymnast 27 years ago but probably haven’t tried a muscle up or walking on my hands since I left the sport. Not quite like riding a bike but….

    4 strict MU unbroken x 3
    50′ HS walk (split in 2) x 3
    L-sit 60sec unbroken x 3
    B. Did he Fitness workout
    Wasn’t sure if this was for time but ended @13:40

    Shoulders are worked and sore!

    • Joey Maltais

      seems pretty awesome to me for a “first timer”!!

  • Janelle Hudgin Winston

    A. I was seriously short on time so I did two sets of:
    4 – 3 strict PU and 3 Bench dips
    HS holds with a few shoulder taps – 60 sec
    L sit – accum 60 sec

    B. Didn’t have time to wait the whole rest time, so it was like 4 min between sets