In teams of two, complete five rounds for time of:
Run 400 Meters (partners must stay together)
20 Deadlifts (10 each – 225/155 lbs)
30 Pull-Ups (15 each)

Partners must run together, and may only start deadlifts once both members are back at the barbell.

  • Wavy_Dave

    5 rounds:

    400m run
    10 DL @ 225#
    10 pull-ups strict


  • Philippe Barraud

    Subbed 200 su _ 400m

    In 24:15

  • Matthew Swartz

    Banded pullups. I’m still nursing a junky shoulder and strict banded pullups are surprisingly hard

  • Candy Olkey

    Behind a day
    A1. Bench press x 3
    A2. Max reps @ 120 x 5, 115×6
    **probably could have gotten 135 for 3 if I had a spotter…same with getting a rep or 2 more on the max reps
    B. 5 Rounds for time RX – 9:38
    Run 200m (treadmill)
    20 Alt DB snatches
    C, 5 Min plank
    1:45 – Right side
    1:50 – Left side
    .45 – Right side
    .40 – Left side
    D. Shovel the 8″ of snow out of the driveway that we got last night (I really wanted to row 5K…but have to shovel…darn it…lol)

    • Mike Slagle

      Way to go!

  • Dustin Coughenour

    Did little something different today
    A. Deadlifted up to 410
    B. 10 min emom
    Evens 12 burpees
    Odds 15 cals

    10 min emom
    5 thrusters 95lbs
    5 t2b

    • Candy Olkey

      Looks like a good one Dustin…nice work!

  • Ryan Bliss

    Did this with my nephew. He wanted to try out his new weight vest.

    Partner workout:
    100 air squats
    50 ball slams – 30 lb
    60 dips
    100 walking lunges
    60 push-ups
    40 pistol squats

    10:26. Not too bad and it was perfect with the vest. Then we cleaned half of the gym.

    New toys.

    • Candy Olkey

      Very kool! Great work Ryan and nephew!

    • Dustin Coughenour

      Have the same one love that thing

  • Mike Slagle

    I didn’t have a partner so I did five rounds
    A. 500 m row
    10 deadlifts
    10 strict pull-ups
    B. Shoveling snow off my driveway
    C. Time to settle in and watch some nfl playoff games.

    • Candy Olkey

      Love C!!!! Hope your team makes out better than my GB Packers did!

      • Britt J

        Wait your a GB fan too!

        • Candy Olkey

          Absolutely! Aaron Rogers is soooooo dreamy!!

          • Britt J

            Bahhha! I thought it might be our amazing colors that sways most people 😂

            • Candy Olkey

              Ohhh yay..that too!

              • Britt J

                Bahha. I’m from WI so it’s embedded in me.

  • Chad Evans

    5 rds
    Row 500m
    10 DL 225
    15 pull ups

    Did the first 10 DL without a grip aid. Making progress on the grip. Majority of rest of the DL and PU needed it after that.

  • Britt J

    Last week was vacation on the big island for our birthday. No workouts just functional fitness. Hikes for 3 days 6miles, 13.1, 16.5miles yesterday was rest day. Caught mainlanders disease ie a cold. (so don’t feel great. )Husband and I did it together but broke it up as follows:
    200mrd spouse1/200m run spouse 2
    10DL S1/10DL S2
    15/15 pulls ups I did strict band until the last rd which was ugo

    • Candy Olkey

      Happy belated birthday!! Nice work! I think you passed on your mainlanders disease…that does make a cold sound much more serious…wonder if it would get me a day off from work…lol

      • Britt J

        Thanks! Worth a try. Most of us refer to it as mainlanders disease, they bring all the plane germs with them!!

  • Janelle Hudgin Winston

    Did it with my hubby.
    RX. 21:37 for me and 21:30 for hubby. He rowed I ran on the TM.

  • Bryan

    A. Bryan and Christy (20 burpees vs. run, Bryan deadlifts Rx, Christy 53# kb goblet squat) – 30:25.