Four sets of:
Back Squat x 6 reps
Rest 3 minutes

Choose the same weights you used on January 23. If you missed that squat session, select a weight that will make your final 2-3 reps of your final set extremely difficult.

For time:
30/20 Calories of Assault Bike
30 Front Squats (155/105 lbs)
30 Alternating Front-Racked Reverse Lunges (155/105 lbs)

  • Sims

    Did fitness to get more work in.
    Bsq @tempo 8×100 kg 7×105/7×105
    Supine BB row @tempo 8×60/65/65kg
    Hollow body rolls x12

    30 cal bike 1:03 min
    30 Sandbag Squats 35 kg
    30 ARL w/ 24 kg kettlebells
    6:50 ouch

    • Michele Vieux

      Sandbag squats! I plan to use a sandbag today too! Super fast on B!!

      • Sims

        Sandbags are a great tool for me. Thanks for the encouragement Coach!

  • Mani Sadegh

    A. 100/105/107.5/110kg
    B. 10:05 with 50kg

    • Michele Vieux

      Great job, Mani! Good to see you back on here!

  • Chris Pugliese

    Good morning, everyone…

    A. 260# all sets.
    B. 12:50: rx weight, subbed 30 Cal row for AB (no bike). This was not good.legs were jelly on the lunges.went 10/5/5/5/5 on squats and 5/5/5/5/5/5 on lunge with a LOT of rest in between clusters

    Have a great weekend!

  • Philippe Barraud

    Constant stress is making me weaker
    A 355×6, 355×3+325×3, 325×6, 335×5
    B subbed 20 burpee 13:23

    • thelonghorn

      Stress can do that, hope this season passes soon for you. Just crank the tunes and block everything out brother! You still squat the rest of us out of the gym!

    • Joey Maltais

      Keep up the great work man! I hope things get less stressful soon

  • thelonghorn

    Felt about 80% this morning, but wanted to get the squats in before the weekend. Allergies are a beast right now!

    A. 265×6, down from 275 on 1/23

    B. Is this just a bad joke? Squat monsters will love it I guess.

    11:02 Rx, paced the bike hard after blowing up after 30cals in 45s on wed. Did FS in sets of 5, lunges in 6/8/16.

    C 6min Plank and shoulder prehab

  • Wavy_Dave

    A. 235, 245, 255, 225…felt the right hammy acting up on the third set.

    B. Holy huge slice of humble pie.

    Scaled to 135#, knocked out the Assault Bike, and broke the front squats into 8-8-8-6. My legs said no more at rep 7 of the lunges. I dropped to the bar and finished the workout. 8:44. I need to squat more. ☠️

  • Kelly Welborn

    A. 135#’s for all reps and sets.

    Then made up some lifting from earlier in the week.

    Back has been tweaky so I took several days off.
    Just taught my yoga classes throughout the week and today.

  • Michal

    A. January: 120-130-130 kg
    February: 120×6 / 125×6 / 130×6 / 130×6.

    B. Rx, From ground: 11:49.
    1:0X Assault,
    5:50 Finished squats (5-5-5-5-5-5),
    11:49 Finished Lunges (1-3-2-3-3-4-6-4-4).

  • ColoradoLivin

    The dreaded front rack lunges!

    A.) dropped weight and worked on extreme tempo/ form today. 135 lbs at 52X0

    B.) done at 115 lbs. 9:15

  • jorge gonzalez

    A) 1000 mts run. Time: 5’31”

    This is 15″ off my PR but after the heavy work this week, I’ll take it. I was consistent in the pace, never going balls to the wall but never crawling.

    B) OT2M x 6: 1.1.1 strict pull ups.

    Rx called for 5-15 every 2 minutes, I would have been able to do 5 maybe on the first set and then crash so I decided to scale this to cluster work and only 3 reps per set. I need to do more strict work.

    C) AMRAP 12′:
    – 6 pull ups
    – 12 american kb swings 24 kgs
    – 24 push ups

    Completed 4R + 15 reps. All pull ups were done UB with kipping except for the last 6 which were done in 4/2. Swings were done UB. Split the push ups in 6/6/6/6, in retrospect I should have gone for sets of 8 and maybe I could have finished that 5th round.

  • Chris M.

    … overnight power failure so unintentionally caught up on some rest …
    A. Backsquat (As Rx): 6 x 275, 285, 295, 305 (315 next time?)
    B. DNS
    … I’d like to say B looks “fun” and that “I’ll look to make it up” – but I’d be lying … have a good weekend folks … that was a big training week.

    • thelonghorn

      Are you still using a plug into the wall alarm clock? Times must be tough in Canada. On another unrelated note, I also unintentionally slept in because my iPhone updated overnight 😉

      • Chris M.

        This whole “electricity” thing is pretty new … we’re still trying to figure it out 😉

        • jorge gonzalez


    • Candy Olkey

      Come on guys…everyone knows that u set ur phone alarm and a wall clock! At least that’s what ya do when ur getting up between 12:30-1 am!

    • Joey Maltais

      I hit the snooze button twice this morning without really realizing it. Then my 2 1/2 year old daughter came in our bedroom… for once I was happy to go put her back to bed!! Thanks to her I made it to the gym lol

      • Candy Olkey

        Snooze….really?? I’ve never used the snooze…

        • Joey Maltais

          Figure of speech lol… i use my phone’s alarm and by snooze I meant whatever button stopped the ringing

    • Trion Horgan

      Dooode this happened to me Monday and it was great. Except for the fact that I dropped off my son late to school. 🤷‍♂️
      After doing B and going 5 straight I concur with your DNS on B. I can tell it is going to haunt me for a few days…

  • Wes in Denver

    Long time follower, first time poster. I’ll try to be consistent in future postings. If anyone needs a quick workout close to DIA, let me know.

    A) 185, 225, 245, 275
    B) 9:23 Rx (1:47 after bike, 5:30 after F.S.)
    – Spent way to much of a break between F.S. and reverse lunges.

    • Chris M.

      Welcome aboard – great work.

    • Joey Maltais


    • Michele Vieux

      Hi Wes! Welcome to the club!

    • Mike Slagle


    • Trion Horgan

      You killed it today. Awesome work!

  • Steven

    Usually I choose between the Thursday of Friday workout, whichever rounds out the week the best. This time I didn’t want to miss out on any of the movements so I created some kind of a monster, haha.

    A1. Backsquat 4×6. Up to 130kg/285lbs
    A2. Every 2min for 20min (10sets) 2 clean lift off + power clean. Up to 100kg/225lbs

    B. 5 rounds for time: 30 Cal AB, 6 Ground to Overhead at 155, 12 C2B Pullups. 21:30

    Accessory work. Every 2min for 12min alternating between (using 2x12kg kettlebells):
    20x Right Leg Bulgarian Split Squat
    20x Left Leg Bulgarian Split Squat
    20x Double Kettlebell Frontsquats


    • thelonghorn

      I’m surprised you didn’t die earlier!

    • Janelle Hudgin Winston

      Good Lord! I would have been dead after B. Good work!

  • José Montañez

    A. Backsquats Rx (all x6) – 275/285/305/315

    B. 9:53 Rx. I took wayyy to long to start the lunges after the frontsquats (I was mad at myself). Also, it took me longer to finish the lunges. I had to deviate from reps plan when the bar slipped out of hands after only 5 reps, on my first round 😞😔😒

  • Jay Pennypacker (M/54)

    WU: two rounds of:
    12 barbell rollouts
    6 strict dips
    400 m run
    12 air squats
    A. 265X6/275X6/285X6/295X6 all should’ve been 10 pounds heavier
    B. 30 cal row-1:20
    30 front squats-125#-4:47 10/10/10
    30 alternating front-racked reverse lunges-125#

  • Luke Tipton

    A: 245, 255, 260, 265
    B: 10:15

    A: 135, 155, 175, 180
    B: 6:39

  • Dustin Coughenour

    A. Front squat as I’m following a squat cycle
    135×10, 185×10, 225×10, 275×3, 295×2
    B. 10:30 Rx
    10/11/9 front squat
    8/7/7/8 lunges a lot of resting didn’t want to waste the clean

    C. CT fletcher armed warfare

    • Joey Maltais

      Just took a look at what C is and it looks brutal lol. Awesome work!

      • Dustin Coughenour

        Yea it crushes your triceps it’s my go to when I’m craving an arm pump! Great work to u also brother!

  • Trion Horgan

    A. 225/235/245/255. Same as 1/23

    B. Rx’d 11:49. Trying to figure out how to rack up quick cals on the AB. Definitely went out too hot. Off the bike at 1:20 and I was hyper ventilating. Did 5’s on FS and 6’s on lunges. Had to take longer breaks in the beginning to get my breathing under control. Good knowledge for the future.

  • David Franco

    A. 225×6/225×5/215×6/215×6
    B. Scaled down to 135lb. Still too heavy. Rowed 30cal. 30 FS. 22 rear lunges and had to stop. 18:36.

  • Candy Olkey

    Warm up x 6 @ 85#, 105, 135 then..
    160# x 6, 5(form went south on 5th rep)
    155 x 6, 4/1( again form became an issue)
    B. For time – 10:34
    Row 20 cal – 1:20
    30 FS @ 105# (5,5,3,3,3,3,3,3,2) – 4:39
    30 ARL @ 105# (5,5,3,3,3,3,3,3,2) – 4:35
    ***Gonna feel this one for the next couple days!

  • Mike Slagle

    A. 235×6, 255×6, 255×6, 255×6
    B. Subbed row and down to 135
    C. 6 min plank challenge

    • Joey Maltais

      Killed it Mike! Great work man

  • Joey Maltais

    Strength session this morning
    Tonight I wanted to get some conditionning done, felt like it had been awhile since I did a « longer » session and since I ran so I decided to
    Run 5km : 23:30 (on treadmill)
    Definitely a lifetime PR!! Glad I pushed through the cramps… it was tough but it’s always worth it!
    Have a great weekend everyone

    • Mike Slagle

      Great work out of you too bro!

  • Jared Smith

    A: 225, 245, 245, 255
    I need to do some movement correction on my back squats. I keep hitting a hitch about halfway through the push where my rear pushes out and up, and I have to fight to keep my chest up.

    B: Rx’ed 12:09
    Did 6/4/6/6/4/4 on FS
    Did 10/10/10 on SS

    C: Sled pushes and pulls with 180# added, 4 supersets 20 yards

  • Silas Schadegg

    Did yesterday’s:

    A. Did liftoff+power snatch instead. Worked up to 160# over 8 sets. I stopped after that. It’s the heaviest I’ve gone on snatch since my ankle surgery in May. My whole left leg felt great!

    B. 20:25. I accidentally loaded my bar with 165# instead of 155#, I noticed in the first round luckily! Haha, so I dropped it back to 155#. I was able to string two sets of 6 C2B in one of the rounds, so I was happy about that!

    I’m trying to be on here more regularly now! I’ve been traveling all over the states and some into Canada recently so I’ve been doing lots of travel WOD’s!

    • Chad Evans

      Great job on the snatches! Glad your ankle felt good during it. Keep posting!

      • Silas Schadegg

        Thanks! Will do!

  • Janelle Hudgin Winston

    A day behind
    A. 85, 105, 115, 125, 125, 130, 135, 135, 140, 145 (f) got in my head and was all done.

    B. 21:16 – hit all but 8 CTB. I probably should have scaled the GTO but wanted to push myself with the weight. Had to take a breather after 3 reps and then get back to it.

  • Michael Newton

    A) 275 for all sets. That was hard

    B) 9:35 @ 135. I’m going to be so sore tomorrow. Rowed 30 cals, no bike that counts cals

  • Steve Bielmeier

    Did 1 day later:

    A. 225 all sets
    B. 10:45, scales to 135lb loaded bar

  • Bryan

    A. Bryan – 165# x 4 reps all sets.
    B. Bryan (25 Burpees vs. bike, 135#) – 12:32.