Workout of the Day
In teams of two, complete the following for time:
1600 Meter Med-Ball Relay Run
100 Partnered Burpee Wall Ball Shots
(you must perform a burpee immediately after throwing the ball and before catching it from your partner’s toss)
200 Push-Ups
300 Double-Unders
400 Meter Walking Lunge Relay with Med-Ball
(only the partner with the ball may lunge the team forward)

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February 22, 2015 10:51 am

No partner for this one but nonetheless…
800M run 20# ball
50 burped WB 20#
100 push-ups
150 DUs
200M lunges with 20# ball

That last one was 163 lunges!!!!

February 21, 2015 4:36 pm

Just checking in… My back is better today. I stopped trying to smash the snot out of it and started working on my hamstrings and hips (dynamic stretching). My ROM is severely limited in my hamstrings, which no doubt led to my tweak in my back. I’ve stretching throughout the day and walking. I’m making progress on my hamstrings with KStarr’s contract and relax business. I’m going to keep this going through tomorrow and hopefully be back in action (with appropriate mods to the wods) on Monday.

Kev B
Kev B
February 21, 2015 2:40 pm

Playing catch up, did the workout from the 18th. Wow the row run pushup was tougher than expected. Im a sucky runner, feels like a slog thru mud. All sets under 5min

Joan D
Joan D
February 21, 2015 12:23 pm

Great team wod…. For us (Odette and I) the worst part was pushups and double unders, so I had to do more for her, so pushups were split 60/140, and double unders 50/250 these are still hard for her…36:38 was our time….. Keep them coming, Invictus rock and Odette loves them… Not really but she does….here is breakdown by stages:
Run 8:51
WB burpees 12:00
Pushups 4:41
Double unders 5:51
Lunges 5:37

February 21, 2015 8:14 am

Not a scheduled workout day for me but felt like doing something so I did this:

Max reps bodyweight bench press 165# (6, 6, 5)
Alt DB curls at 25lbs (10, 8, 8)

Stretch. Eat. Nap.

Chris Stanford
Chris Stanford
February 21, 2015 7:42 am

Made this an individual

Used 20 pound medicine ball and did inside with treadmill and in place lunges because it’s way cold in New England

800 meter on treadmill (6 speed / 2 incline); interesting with the ball, but worked
50 wall balls (modified here and broke out the burpees)
50 burpees
100 push ups
150 double unders (continue to work on these so counted some of the misses)
200 lunges

February 21, 2015 6:17 am

Made this a 3 person workout with Greg and Brian S.
2400 meter medicine ball relay run
150 wall ball burpees
300 push ups
450 double unders
600 meter walking lunges with 20lb medicine ball
Great workout!

February 21, 2015 6:18 am
Reply to  Brian

Beastly workout! Fun one. We added 1/3 extra of everything because we did team of 3.

Brian Sink
Brian Sink
February 21, 2015 2:09 pm
Reply to  Brian

Great workout!! So much fun working together to complete this one. Brian definitely hit greg in the head with the medicine ball! I can’t stop laughing about it now!