What’s Inside an Invictus Athlete’s Gym Bag?
Video by Taylor Conlon

Want to know what an Invictus Athlete keeps in their bag while prepping for the CrossFit Games? Athletes Lauren Fisher, Jenn Dancer, Devyn Kim and Rasmus Anderson are giving you a glimpse into the gear they train with.

Even if you’re not a Games level athlete, there are some pieces of equipment you should seriously consider carrying with you to the gym so that you can make the most of your workouts with as few malfunctions as possible.

#1 – Get your own jump rope!

This will ensure that you always have one (sometimes the gym runs out when double-unders are programmed for the groups that day). You will also be more consistent with your double-unders if you use the same rope every time – one that is perfect weight, length and speed for you.

#2 – Save your hands with grips!

Whether you make your own or purchase a pair, grips help keep your hands free from the dreaded tearing that can take you out of training for the day, and sometimes even longer. Grip technology has come a long way in the past couple years – you can comfortably and safely use them for both gymnastics and weightlifting movements and they are not very expensive.

#3 – Carry extra hair ties for your mane or man bun!

Something as simple as a hair tie could make or break your workout so make sure to have a few back-ups in case your’s bites the dust so you’re not blinded and/or getting it stuck in equipment.

#4 – Make sure you stay hydrated with a shaker bottle or water bottle!

You can usually pick one of these up for free at events because companies like to use them as marketing tools. Not only should you carry it with you but you should use it before, during and after your session. You can even use it at the airport after you clear security so that you always have some water with you.

#5 – Have the proper footwear!

Most of us only need two pairs of shoes, one for lifting and one for everything else. Some – those with excellent ankle mobility – can get by with only one pair. Here’s how to pick the perfect pair(s) of shoes for you!

There are many other items you might like to keep in your bag as well – think about what’s been a lifesaver for you or the things that would make life in the gym easier if you always had them around. Everyone has their own personal stash and trade secrets to performing their best. What’s in your gym bag?

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