What Does it Take to Be a Good Coach?
Video by Kirsten Ahrendt and Bryce Smith

What exactly does it mean to be a good coach? There are a few things…

A holistic understanding of and commitment to individualize the group coaching model in order to simultaneously serve individuals and maintain the energizing spark of community-fitness. “Dual-track” programming and coaching with questions are two ways to achieve this. Read more…

Many other factors combine to produce this type of class experience but an often overlooked key ingredient is how coaches maximize decisions that pull double-duty like utilizing warm-ups and rest periods for added coaching in group sessions. Read more…

Being adaptable when coaching a group class can speak volumes about the expertise of the coach’s (1) knowledge and (2) EQ (emotional intelligence). They can make a person in a group class feel like they are getting a personalized version of the program while still reaping the benefits of working out with a community. Read more…

Coaching language and culture also make a huge difference in member experience. Developing both your ability to customize workouts for individuals in the group setting, as well as developing a culture where members want to customize (and don’t view this as “scaling”) will go a long way with member successes and retention rate. Read more…

Jump into a conversation with Invictus University founder, Master Coach Kirsten Ahrendt as she discusses what training and experiences it takes for professional coaches to do do just that.

Invictus University

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