Transition Week Rundown? Try These Tips!
Written by Nichole Kribs

A transition week helps our athletes have a successful transition from one cycle to the next. Oftentimes a transition week will have athletes train different movements, time domains and intended stimulus than the previous or upcoming cycle.

Why are Transition Weeks Programmed?

Transition weeks are programmed so that the athlete’s mind and body can have a little time to adjust as they come off a training cycle and prepare for a new cycle. A transition week can provide athletes with needed rest from intensity, heavy loads or just the mental grind of training while still maintaining general physical preparation.

What to do if You’re Feeling Rundown After a Transition Week

If your body is still feeling a bit worn down even after a transition week, that is a sign you need a little more recovery time from the previous cycle. We recommend you only do the conditioning portion of your program for the next week and at an easy to moderate intensity. That way you can keep moving and participating in your program while also encouraging recovery. If you want to lift, then that is fine but keep the weight at 65% or less so that you give your central nervous system adequate time to recover. 

When is the next Invictus Athlete Transition Week & Cycle Start?

January 4th kicks off our Phase I Open Prep Cycle – Invictus Athlete, Competition and Masters – and will take us through February 7th. That means that this week is the last week of the cycle and so some benchmarks will be tested. Our next transition week will be scheduled between our Phase I and Phase II Open Prep Cycles but if your body needs a little extra TLC to optimally recover, then adjust the loads and volume for this week’s training, based on the information above

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