Three Easy Ways to Strengthen the Posterior Chain 
Written by Nichole DeHart-Kribs

Most athletes are familiar with the posterior chain and the need for it to be strong. The glutes and hamstrings are prime movers and create much of the explosive power needed in athletics. Not only does having a strong posterior chain help with power output but a weak posterior chain is a precursor to injury. It is vital to have a strong posterior chain if you want to continue to progress as an athlete.

We have seen a huge increase in elite level CrossFitters who have spent considerable time strengthening their posterior chain. However, the majority of athletes we see still have a much weaker backside compared to their anterior chain. So, in order to rectify this, start to incorporate some of the exercises below to see some gains in that backside.

Glute-Ham Raise

Keep a neutral hip position throughout the movement. This may be challenging for many athletes, especially those who have a weaker backside. If that is the case then use an assist with a band:

Reverse Hypers

Single-Leg Reverse Hyper

Make sure to let the weight pull the leg back down (don’t resist it) and keep the back neutral. Once you’ve mastered this then move onto the bilateral reverse hyper.

Bilateral Reverse Hyper

Good Mornings

Start with a light load to ensure the movement pattern is correct. Often, we see the back doing the load of the work instead of the glutes and hamstrings, as shown below:

Instead, keep the back neutral as the hamstrings pull the hips back.

Remember to activate and stabilize these muscle groups before you train them. It doesn’t take much but adding in a few sets of foam roller hamstring curls or using furniture sliders for curls to get those guys awake and ready to roll.

Let the backside gains begin!

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