2024 Team Invictus Unbroken

Meet Team Invictus Unbroken 2024
Written by Kelly Sekulovski

Introducing the first team coming out of CrossFit Invictus: Team Invictus Unbroken.

Meet the team

Jenn Ryan

Jenn Ryan 3rd place finish in the women's 40-45 masters division

Team Invictus Unbroken consists of all CrossFit Games veterans, with 2023 being the first year at the Games for Tyler, Lauren and Sean. Jenn however, has been at the CrossFit Games every year since 2017 and is currently the 3rd Fittest 40-45 year old woman on Earth.

“I think I’m in a place right now in my life and CrossFit journey that allows me to fit in really well with this team of people to create an amazing team dynamic,” said Jenn when asked if her extensive Games experience would help the team.  “I’ve also come to realize that I’m experienced enough to know when to lead and when to let someone else lead, and I think that’s important when you’re on a team.” 

What she’s most excited about for this team? First to see her 3 teammates show the world what they can do, but of course a close second… trash talking. “Getting to talk trash to my favorite people on the other Invictus teams like Lauren Fisher, Josh Al-chamaa, Jessi and Chandler Smith,” said Jenn.  “I love a good trash talking session between teams.  Gotta pass the long days in the gym somehow, ya know?”

Sean Early

Sean Early cleaning a heavy barbell at the 2023 CrossFit Games

Sean, 25 and originally from Ohio, joined Invictus in 2020. He is also a Navy Veteran and a huge fan of Lord of the Rings. His first CrossFit Games experience was in 2023 on CrossFit Invictus Sea of Green (his second year in a row competing on a team with Lauren Stallwood).

When asked about how last year’s experience at the Games will help him, Sean said “Last year was an amazing opportunity making it to games. It’s great having a little bit of experience, but remembering at the end of the day we’re just working out. If you put in the work, it will show, simple as that.”

Sean is excited to get back out on the floor and hopefully bring his “mustache magic” to Fort Worth.

Lauren Stallwood 

Lauren Stallwood snatching a heavy barbell at the 2023 CFG

Lauren, 28, is originally from the UK, has been at Invictus since February of 2023. In the UK she played rugby for the England Women’s team… so safe to say Lauren is pretty tough. Her grit through tough workouts proves that.

Lauren is hoping to return to the Games for the second year in a row after qualifying last year with Team Sea of Green. “My first CrossFit games showed me the value in working as a team,” said Lauren. “If you want to go far, go as a team!” 

What is Lauren the most excited about for this season with this team? Pushing to new limits. “We are all work horses and I’m ready to prove people wrong.”

Tyler Soderback 

Tyler Soderback 2023 CrossFit Games

Tyler, 23 from Olympia, Washington is hoping to make his second trip to the CrossFit Games, but with a different outcome. After an unfortunate injury on Team Invictus Unconquerable last year cut the Games short, but the setback has him more ready than ever to get back out there.

It would mean a lot for myself and my team to finish the weekend and show what we can do on the competition floor,” said Tyler. “To show that we are there to have fun but also compete and not participate.” 

This team has a different feel according to Tyler. “I think we each have something we want to prove and we push each other everyday. With that I feel people view us as underdogs and we are excited to get after it and prove people wrong.” 


Good luck to Team Invictus Unbroken as they prepare for the Open!

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