How to Support Invictus Athletes going to Games

Our community has always rallied around our athletes and supported them in all manners throughout Games seasons over the years. Team Invictus represented us the first year of team division, when the Sea of Green got together the night before Games and decorated shirts and tall socks with puffy paints for our athletes to wear in competition that weekend. That’s back when the Games were at the Ranch and looked nothing like they do now – no vendors, no body workers, not really even a warm-up area. Our athletes and supporters rode in vans from San Diego to Aromas and slept 6 to a hotel room. 

We thought that was a pretty big deal back then. My how things have grown. And so have expenses with the need for air travel, the addition of body workers, and prepped team meals by Mama K just to name a few. Although our athletes do receive some sponsorships, none of them make a full-time living off of CrossFitting. 

One recent tradition has been for our athletes to tie dye and autograph special edition t-shirts to sell to help off-set their costs for travel and other expenses. This year, we’re bringing back the shirt fundraiser thanks to our generous sponsor, Yerbaé and it’s even better than tie dye (is that even possible?)! In addition to the Spirit Animal Shirts, we have a limited number of Green Boxes to support Team Invictus on their way to what we believe will be a strong showing at this year’s CrossFit Games. 

And let us not forget former Team Invictus member and current Invictus Master’s athlete, Jenn Ryan who is going to crush some souls in the 40-44 division at Games this year. You already missed out on her shirt’s pre-sale order, but she does have about 20 more to move to help fund her trip. 

All the details you need to support Invictus Athletes going to Games is below!

Sport a Spirit Animal Shirt – $30

This year’s Team Invictus dominates in both competitiveness and in personality. The dynamic of the team and its members has come to light throughout the season and has best been depicted with spirit animal personalities. This shirt celebrates each team member’s spirit animal traits in a Harry Potter-esque crest on the back with an extremely rare rendition of the traditional Invictus V on the front that incorporates parts of the spirit animal crest. Thank you to the generous support of sponsor, Yerbaé, all of the sales from this shirt will go directly to offset the cost of Team Invictus’s trip to Games.

How to Purchase: Invictus Online Store

Get a Green Box – $99

Thanks to our generous sponsors, we have 50 Green Boxes to sell to help offset the cost of sending Team Invictus to Games. We also want you to get in on a good deal so we are going to hook you up for less than half of the retail price of the box’s actual contents! Or another way to look at it…if you’re already going to buy a Spirit Animal Shirt or two for $30 each, why not grab all this other great stuff with it for only a little bit more? We only have 50 of these so don’t delay – we expect them to sell out fast!

Green Box Contents:
– Spirit Animal Shirt
– Invictus Junk Headband
– LMNT 12-Pack
– Nike LMNT Hat
– LMNT Waterbottle
– WOD & Done Tape
– Goodr Sunglasses
– 2Pood Belt
– Wit Gift Card
– Spirit Animal Cookie

How to Purchase: Invictus Online Store; $10 U.S. Shipping Only

Represent w/ a Jenn F’n Ryan Shirt – $30

This Team superstar turned individual Masters athlete is five feet and two inches of pure power, strength, and heart. At forty-something years young, what we’ve seen so far from her performances on the competition floor is just the start of what will surely be a career that will go down in history when it comes to Masters athletes. Engulf yourself in her, “I can do it because I’m Jenn F’n Ryan and I do hard things!” attitude with this shirt. All sales go directly to fund Jenn’s trip to the 2022 CrossFit Games to dominate the Masters 40-44 Division.

How to Purchase: Email your size and address to She will confirm your order and send you a Venmo request for payment.

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November 14, 2023 7:44 am

thank you

November 14, 2023 7:17 am


Brodie Pemulwuy
Brodie Pemulwuy
July 24, 2023 11:51 am

Supporting Invictus athletes going to Games is crucial as they don’t make a full-time living from CrossFit. The community used to show great support through initiatives like decorating shirts and selling autographed t-shirts. But I see that nowadays it tries to help via generous sponsors and fundraisers. They are working to provide financial aid for air travel, body workers, and team meals. I know that many casino companies can also participate in sponsorship. Moreover, there is a good link between gambling and sport. As I have been playing in no wagering casinos that I pick up from because these… Read more »

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Marnus Laoubhesn
Marnus Laoubhesn
October 21, 2022 7:33 am

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little windmill
little windmill
July 25, 2022 11:35 pm

Is it possible express to Beijing,China?

Candy Olkey
Candy Olkey
July 20, 2022 12:53 pm

I seriously wish the Animal shirt was offered in a Tank!!!!!

Candy Olkey
Candy Olkey
July 21, 2022 3:40 pm
Reply to  Michele Vieux

I would definitely buy that!!! Especially since it’s coming from you!! Let me know the details..thank you soooo much!!!!

Candy Olkey
Candy Olkey
July 25, 2022 9:35 am
Reply to  Michele Vieux

I sent you a reply!

November 15, 2023 7:36 am
Reply to  Candy Olkey


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