Strengthen Your Rack & Split Jerk Positions
Video by Jared Enderton

Does your back round in your clean? How is your rack position? Often times you can increase your clean (& jerk) by improving and strengthening your rack position. Invictus Weightlifting Coach, Jared Enderton, gives some positioning drills and exercises that will help ‘bulletproof’ your rack position.

From your strong rack position, it is time to jerk the barbell overhead. Working proper position of the jerk often requires more full-body awareness than what we are used to. When a heavy barbell is overhead, it is hard to think about how our lower body is positioned. Fortunately, or unfortunately with the jerk, a tiny error in positioning could make or break your lift, so it is important to spend time perfecting this piece.

In this video, Jared goes over three of the common mistakes people make in the jerk, and some drills to practice proper positioning.

Jared will be launching the Invictus Weightlifting program starting July 17th! Find out more about the program and get notified when it launches by clicking below.

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