Strengthen Your Rack & Split Jerk Positions
Video by Jared Enderton

Does your back round in your clean? How is your rack position? Often times you can increase your clean (& jerk) by improving and strengthening your rack position. Invictus Weightlifting Coach, Jared Enderton, gives some positioning drills and exercises that will help ‘bulletproof’ your rack position.

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Grazia Pipitone

Dear Jared I come back again to you as I tried to find a solution to find online progam or coach 1:1(which hear is very expensive for me) to help me to increase the weight for: BS/FS /CJ/Clean / Snatch( DL’s etc… On your 3-day program sincerely cold not follow each week – / day, as I am following too as good I can Ben Burgeron **Online CompMaster programm**. However, may I pls ask you to let me know and pls if you could reply to my email address ([email protected]) and let me know, if the 8 week strengh or… Read more »