Weightlifter doing a front squat.

Pro Tip: Sit BETWEEN Your Legs to Squat!
Video by Jared Enderton

This is such a crucial tip for squatting efficiency and mobility. It is a complete game changer for how your squat looks, your squat strength, and for your mobility. HOW: Try widening your feet out a few inches – to shoulder width. Then, point your toes out to the sides a bit. BOOM! That’s it.
Reason #1: By sitting between your legs with your hips, your knees don’t get as far over your toes. That means it requires less ankle and hip mobility.
Reason #2: It allows you to sit deeper into your squat because you cleared our space for your hips. When sitting on top of your legs, there’s no space for your hips to go but to go backwards – which can send your torso forward.
Reason #3: You can stay more upright in the squat by creating more width.

Reason #4: It’s the easiest and most effective way to squat!


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