Invictus Holiday Gift Guide

Written by Kay Wiese

The Holidays are quickly approaching and it can be tough to shop for the fitness addict in your life. Whether you have a weekend warrior or a future Games athlete on your hands, we have some awesome gift ideas this year for all the athletes in your life.

Rogue HG 2.0 Collars

For The Athlete Who Loves To Lift 

For your workout partner who’s always complaining that the clips are falling off the bar, these collars are sure to solve that problem. The patented locking method on the collar helps it stay snug on the bar through multiple drops and they come at an affordable price at just under $40.

The Nike Metcon 5

For The Shoe Junkie

For your favorite workout partner who opens their gym bag every week to reveal 10 different pairs of shoes, here’s a new one to add to their collection. Our most comfortable and most versatile Metcon yet, the Nike Metcon 5 lets you crush WODs while repping Invictus.

The Hypersphere Mini

For The Athlete Who’s Always Sore 

If your workout partner is constantly complaining that they’re too sore to squat today or about that nagging pain in their back, the Hypersphere Mini by Hyperice is the perfect upgrade to their lacrosse ball. Using percussion technology the Hypersphere Mini applies pulses of concentrated pressure to your muscles to help you recover more effectively. At just $99 the Hypersphere Mini won’t break the bank and fits right into your gym bag. It’s also TSA compliant, making it the perfect travel companion.

Victory Grips Tactical Grips

For Your WOD Partner Whose Hands Always Rip

You love your WOD partner, but when it comes time for those high volume pull-up workouts, they’re subbing-in ring rows, because their hands are ripped (again 🙄). The good news is that Victory Grips offers the perfect solution to help you and your workout partner grip stronger longer. Their innovative and patented technology pays homage to the grips worn by professional gymnasts while still addressing the functional needs of CrossFitters. Their Tactical Grips use a high-performance rubber polymer that helps you hang on to powder-coated bars with less chalk. Perfect for long, sweaty WODs. (Use code INVICTUS at checkout to save 💸)

Vital Protein’s Whey Collagen Protein Powder

For Your Gym Buddy Who’s Always Stealing A Scoop Of Your Protein Powder

Give them the protein that will make both their skin & their muscle stronger. With 25 grams of whey protein and 10 grams of collagen peptides per serving, this protein powder is the perfect mix for those looking to incorporate collagen into their diet. Want to learn more about collagen? Click here to learn more about why you might need collagen in your diet.

WHOOP Band 3.0

For Your Friend Who Needs To Sleep More

For your workout partner who burns the midnight oil working on that presentation and then wakes up with the sun to drag themselves out of bed and into the 5 am class, sleep might be more important than they think. If you’ve never thought about how sleep and everything else you do impacts your recovery and how well you’ll perform in your workouts, 2020 is the time. Whoop is the ultimate fitness band that tracks your every move and never has to be taken off (you can charge it right on your wrist). Unlike most fitness bands, Whoop operates on a subscription-based model at around $30 a month (depending on how long you purchase for), so your technology never goes out of date (free upgrades for life!).

Rx Smart Gear EVO Rope

For The Double-Under Master

Whether your friend just got their first double under in 20.2 or has been sailing through them for years, the EVO Rope by Rx Smart Gear is the perfect gift for those double-under lovers. Considered the Cadillac of jump ropes by many, the EVO rope was developed by engineers and scientists to be one of the fastest and smoothest ropes on the market. It also comes with a cool carrying case, so it won’t get all jumbled when you throw it into your gym bag.


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