Sam Dancer crushing a bike workout

Countdown to Carson: CrossFit Invictus Athletes at Semi-Finals 

Written by: Tiffany Ammerman

Check out which CrossFit Invictus athletes will be competing at Semi-Finals in Carson, California this weekend! Not only are we sending 4 powerhouse teams but we’re also proud to cheer on our 4 individuals as well. Come check out our booth at the West Coast Classic this weekend and grab your Sea of Green gear to cheer on our athletes! 

Join us as we delve into the journey of both our teams and our individual athletes, each step bringing them closer to the ultimate test of skill, strength, and resilience at the CrossFit Games. 

Team Invictus: 

Team Invictus athletes standing together in the gym.

Team Invictus is made up of four heavy hitters: Joshua Al-Chamaa, Lauren Fisher, Jessi Smith, and Chandler Smith. After having a team shake-up, they still managed to come out on top with a 2nd place finish worldwide during Team Quarterfinals. With almost a dozen Games appearances between them, we can’t wait to see one of the top North America West teams dominate on the field. 

Team Invictus Unconquerable: 

Team Unconquerable 2024

Finishing 6th worldwide, Team Unconquerable is ready to take the field this weekend! With Roldan Goldbaum, Phillip Muscarella, Hannah Black, and Invictus team alum, Emily Rethwell, we know this team is going to bring the heat after having snagged an event win during Quarterfinals and the title of 2nd place finishers in the North America West region.


Team Invictus Unbroken:

Team Unbroken 2024

CrossFit Games veterans, Lauren Stallwood, Tyler Soderback, Sean Early, and Jenn Ryan make up the formidable Team Invictus Unbroken. With their skillset evenly distributed between gymnastics prowess to raw strength, we know this 9th-placed North America West team is going to one to keep an eye on. 


Team Invictus Unvexed:

Team Invictus Unvexed

11th place America West Region finishers, Riley Estrada, Kelsey Schulte, Eric Carmody and Rob Shillaci bring a wealth of energy and experience to the field. Placing top 25 in the region for all 4 Quarterfinals workouts, we know that this team is ready for Carson! With a mix of Games veterans and potential fist-timers, keep an eye out for Team Invictus Unvexed! 


Sam Dancer

Athlete Sam Dancer on the field at the CrossFit Games
Photo By: Desmond Lee

Having just celebrated his 37th birthday, Sam Dancer‘s goal is to be the oldest male individual on the CrossFit Games field this August. Having placed an impressive 4th in the America West Region for the 35-39 Male Masters Division, we know that Sam’s determination, experience, and true grit will be an unstoppable force in Carson this weekend! 


Dani Speegle

Athlete Dani Speegle competing at the 2024 Wodapalooza.
Photo by: Tiffany Ammerman

Placing an impressive 42nd worldwide and 5th in the North America West region, Dani Speegle is by no means a stranger to the competition floor. Known for her brute strength and get-it-done attitude, we can’t wait to see how Dani conquers the events at the West Coast Classic. 


Devyn Kim

Athlete Devyn Kim competing at 2024 Wodapalooza.
Photo by: Tiffany Ammerman

Competing since 2016 as a teen, we know that Games alum Devyn Kim is going to lay it all out on the field this weekend. Having previously been part of the 1st and 3rd place winning team CrossFit Invictus, we can’t wait to see how Devyn performs as an individual once more. 


Nick Youngblood

Athlete Nick Youngblood competing at the 2023 Wodapalooza.
Photo by: Tiffany Ammerman

Able to clean and squat what would be most people’s deadlift PR, Nick Youngblood joins Invictus as an individual on the competition floor this year. Having spent time on an Invictus team at Wodapalooza in 2023, we’re excited to see what Nick can bring as an individual athlete this year at the West Coast Classic. 

Congratulations to all of our athletes who have made it this far! Keep an eye on Carson this weekend!

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