How to Sharpen Your Knives for Safer, Easier Meal Prep
Video by TJ O’Brien

Some people have never really cut with a sharp knife before, so they don’t know what they’re missing, and that’s ok. If you’re one of those people, this video is for you. But if you know what it was like when you opened that brand new knife and easily sliced through a tomato, and that same knife now has trouble making it through a cucumber, stop what you’re doing and pay attention.

Some people walk into your house and judge the art on your walls or the books in your bookcase – I judge the sharpness of your knives because it tells me your level of attention to detail and whether or not you accept the absolute mediocrity of a dull knife. Watch this video, buy a whetstone, and get to sharpening! Beyond making meal prepping much easier, a sharp knife is safer than a dull knife in two ways: first, you’ll use less pressure when cutting and avoid slipping when the object you are cutting finally gives way, and second, if you do ever end up cutting yourself, the cut will be “clean,” so to speak, and will heal faster as a result.

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