Hacking Ketosis for Mental Clarity Using Exogenous Ketones
Written by Michele Vieux

Do you want to enjoy the mental clarity benefits of ketosis without the fat bombs? As someone who has experienced these benefits prior to having their gallbladder removed I can personally attest to this fat-burning desire. Even if you do have a gallbladder, you might have your own reasons for avoiding a diet high in fat. Here’s a hack for you so that you can still enjoy the mental focus and reduced brain fog that your keto counterparts do. 

Try supplementing with an exogenous ketone product! 

Exogenous ketones – those you consume instead of your body producing when it runs out of glycogen for fuel – can give you many of the benefits you’d get from following a strict Keto diet without all the measuring, testing, and feelings of deprivation. 

Invictus recommends H.V.M.N.’s Ketone-IQ as the most-trusted source of exogenous ketones because during the course of manufacturing, there are at least three quality and purity audits from the acceptance of raw materials to ensure full WADA compliance of the final product. That means that athletes can take them without fear of popping positive for performance enhancers. Here’s the kicker though…

Ketones can enhance both athletic and cognitive performance! 

Glucose, or sugar, is the standard, primary fuel for the brain. But if that’snot available, the body converts its fat stores into ketones, and the brain uses ketones as a fuel source instead. When carbs are eliminated or minimized, ketones can provide up to 70% of the brain’s energy needs. Read more about how this works…

Exogenous Ketone Recipe for Mental Focus

1 serving of Ketone-IQ
1 can of your favorite flavored carbonated water 

Try this drink as a part of your morning routine or as an afternoon pick-me-up. I’d recommend trying itwithout caffeine at first to see if you can kick the need for that type of boost. But if you do need a little extra oomph, mix in a caffeinated beverage of your choice.You should feel a wave of mellow alertness and not the cringy caffeine crazies.

With exogenous ketones, you can say goodbye to brain fog and sluggishness, and say hello to a sharper, more productive you – all without the extra fat. Ready to unlock the full potential of your mind and body?  Try Ketone-IQ today and save 20% on your order with code CROSSFITINVICTUS.

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