Should You Take Exogenous Ketones for Appetite Suppression?

Although exogenous ketones may potentially contribute to appetite suppression, which can be beneficial for weight management efforts, that is not what Ketone-IQ supplementation is intended for, it is merely an added benefit reported by some of its users.

What are exogenous ketone supplements good for?

So if it’s not for weight loss, then what is Ketone-IQ intended for? It is intended to be a clean (no sugar, no caffeine) shot of energy for athletes who want to:

  • Improve performance
  • Aid in recovery
  • Cognition

Can you eat carbs and take exogenous ketones?

Ketone-IQ IS designed to allow athletes the benefit of “dual fuel” – carbs + ketones instead of limiting themselves to only ketones by limiting their carbs. Because of this, you don’t have to choose between the two – you can still have your pre-workout carbs + a Ketone-IQ shot. For endurance athletes and CrossFitters alike, being able to tap into immediate energy sources (carbs) AND energy reserves (ketones) at the same time, provides a whole other level of performance.

Can exogenous ketones be used to aid with the Keto Diet?

Ketone-IQ is actually NOT intended for people following a Keto Diet or those wanting to put themselves into the state of ketosis which requires you to limit carb intake typically to fewer than 50 grams per day. 

To put that into perspective, 50 grams of carbs = 1 small banana + 1 cup of oatmeal; or 1 serving of your typical pre-workout drink. Ketone-IQ is not intended to aid you in minimizing these sources of fuel. You can still follow your regular nutrition plan AND benefit from ketones.

Ketone-IQ Calories

Ketone-IQ has 70 calories from the exogenous ketones R-1 and Butanediol. It DOESN’T have calories from anything else – not sugar and not caffeine. That’s why you can take a shot anytime during the day and not have to worry about disrupting your sleep, spiking your blood sugar levels, getting jittery, or crashing. 

Is Ketone-IQ WADA compliant?

Not all exogenous ketone supplements can make this assurance, but Ketone-IQ is 3rd party independently tested to ensure it meets all WADA compliance requirements so that athletes can feel secure in knowing that they won’t accidentally be ingesting a banned substance.

Ketone-IQ Discount

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Ketone-IQ Welcome Kit Giveaway

Your first month’s subscription will also include a welcome kit! Orders of the 12oz subscription  come with 3x 12oz bottles + 2x shot glasses + 1x golden ticket to gift to a friend. Orders of Ketone-IQ Shots  come with 24x 2oz bottles + 1x water bottle + 1x golden ticket to gift to a friend.

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