Conversation with a Member: Customization for Optimization 
Interview by Fritz Nugent

I texted a member (let’s call him KB) this morning to check in. KB has been an Invictus member for many years. He is also one of the stronger members in the gym! He frequents the noon class, which is (in my opinion) the most challenging of groups to get them to customize and make changes that are good for each of them, so this was music to my ears today! Here is the transcript:

ME: Hey KB, how are you doing? How’s training and life?

KB: Things are going good man, thanks for asking! Training is going well too. I’ve changed the way I think about how I approach workouts. Like Instead of seeing the Rx weight for a metcon and just going for it and absolutely struggle-bussing through the workout, I kinda took my ego outta the equation a little bit and choose something challenging yet sustainable. It’s the “just cuz I can do that weight doesn’t mean I should,” mentality LOL. But it’s been working for me man.

ME: That is great to hear. As a coach, we try to get you and the rest of the members to the place that you’re currently at – customization for optimization! That is sustainable, yields great results, and to hold you accountable to your own health and fitness journey. Well done.

KB: Heck yeah. It helps too that the style of coaching has adapted over the years to encourage scaling and optimization. Definitely took out the stigma of not doing a workout Rx so that’s appreciated.

ME: I’m glad that you feel that way. We work hard to push that mindset although it takes a long time for many people to jump on board. Do you think others feel like you do, or do you feel like an outlier with your current mindset and approach to training?

KB: Others do. I’ve had pre-workout discussions with people like “Oh 30 calories in that time frame sounds a little too intense. I’m gonna shoot for 25 and see if that’s manageable,” and they agree and share where they plan to customize. Of course not everyone does but it’s definitely a conversation I’ve had more lately since becoming more comfortable with customizing.

ME: That’s amazing. Keep spreading the word! You are a stronger athlete in class and a long-time member, and others look up to you as a leader, so it’s powerful when you customize, especially when it’s known to others.

KB: Absolutely. Will do! Thanks Fritz!

Remember kids – the more often you customize, the better you will get at changing the variables of your training to get the most out of your sessions every time you come into the gym. So keep practicing!

Are you a coach who wants to learn more about customizing for your group coaching athletes? Check out what Invictus University has to offer you in this area (and many other areas too)!

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