Creating the Habit of Going to the Gym
Written by Invictus Member Rachel Ragosa

With travel, parties, and family gatherings over the holidays, many of us get out of our routine. Unfortunately, working out tends to be one of the first things that get pushed aside. Getting back into your regular workout schedule can be a challenge. For some just starting their fitness journey, it can be hard to get a habit started. Thankfully, there are some straightforward things you can start doing immediately to get back in gear for 2018.

Schedule Your Workouts
When you are a productive adult (which I pretend to be) finding time to workout is difficult. I recommend blocking off time on your Google calendar (or other planning tools of choice) to ensure you have time in your daily schedule. I find that it is helpful to set alerts that notify you when it is getting close to gym time. I am much more accountable when I get emails telling me to get to class and complete my workout.

Connect with Others
Whether it is chatting a bit with your coach or finding friends in your class, making connections with others will keep you coming back. The most beneficial and fun part of CrossFit is the awesome community. When you know others are counting on you to be there for the workout; you are much more likely to come at a consistent time. Make an effort to encourage others during the workout, help clean up equipment, come early or stay late and chat while stretching. If you are still finding it difficult to make friends, join one of the Strength Development, Olympic lifting, or many of the other more intimate workshops that Invictus has available.

Set Goals
Everyone sets New Year’s resolutions, but not many people actually achieve them. Did you know that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down on a regular basis? Keep a notebook and write down any fitness goals that you have for 2018. Every month, revisit those goals, write how you are aiming to achieve them and how you have improved in the last 30 days. I find this incredibly motivating and more likely to keep me in the habit of going to the gym. Download our FREE goal setting workbook here.

Get Inspired
Inspiration can come from many places. Some people are inspired by competition, others are inspired by reaching aesthetic goals, and some people thrive on quotes. Whatever your inspiration, find it and hold onto it. Staying inspired will keep you consistent and creating healthy habits.

Don’t Forget Diet
Many people stop going to the gym because they don’t see the results they want. However, they completely ignore the fact that their diet can make or break their goals. Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat, or increase endurance, what you put into your body matters. When you see results from your hard work in the gym, you are more likely to be consistent. When you are more consistent, the better your results. It is a cyclical relationship.

Need help with goal setting or any of the other topics above? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at for a little push – that’s what we’re here for!

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January 3, 2018 2:51 pm

The biggest nightmare for regular bodybuilder is in January when
everyone’s new year resolution is joining gym

January 3, 2018 2:44 pm

The biggest nightmare for regular bodybuilder is in January when
everyone’s new year resolution is joining gym

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