Correct Your Lower Back Hyperextension with this Drill
Written by Nichole Kribs

We’ve all heard this before ‘keep a neutral lower back’ or ‘don’t hyperextend in the low back.’ However, for many this can prove to be quite difficult. Whether it is lack of body awareness, an inability to engage the core or even overly tight hip flexors, all these things can prevent people from correcting a hyperextended low back, especially when doing ab exercises. If this resonates with you then check out this drill that will give you immediate feedback when you go from a neutral back position to hyperextension. All you need is a rig or kettlebell and a band! 

Lumbar Spine Hyperextension Drill

Here is how you’ll get set up for the drill:

1 – Loop a band low to the ground on the pull-up rig or on the horns of a heavy kettlebell

2 – Pull the band so it is taut

3 – Lay down and place the taut band under your low back 

Once in this position, complete the following:

Four sets of:

20 seconds hollow body hold (arms at your sides or overhead depending on ability level)
10 seconds rest

Focus on pressing the band into the floor with your low back by engaging your abs. Imagine a string on your belly button and you are pulling that string straight down and anchoring it into the floor. If your back starts to hyperextend you’ll know immediately because the band will snap away from underneath you. 

Once you start to build strength in the core and awareness on how to keep a neutral spine you can then increase the difficulty by incorporating different exercises like dead bugs, supine leg lifts, flutter kicks. Give this drill a try! 

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