Become a Victor Not a Victim
Written By Bryce Smith

Winners win, and losers lose. Winning needs to become a culture in your life. Losers make unnecessary excuses and love to play the blame game as to why they aren’t where they want to be in their life. Wake up and decide that you are going to grind and not allow others to control your destiny.

Control the controllable.

Do not blame others, do not blame circumstances. Instead, make a vow to yourself to learn from the situation and improve. There shouldn’t always be a set of circumstances or someone to blame. You need to be brave enough to take responsibility and recognize when you are to blame. You cannot always put it on someone else. Get rid of all of your excuses and recognize that there is nobody stopping you but you. Stop pointing fingers at other people and start pointing fingers at yourself then take action and actively control the things you can. The other things are just opportunities for growth.

Transform from victim to victor.

I want to share a wonderful story of how a client of mine went from being a victim to a victor. He came in not feeling well and we have been working hard to rehabilitate a hip injury that had been nagging him for quite some time. He was unable to hip hinge without any pain. We had a wonderful session and we got to the point where his hip was feeling good. I assigned him a finisher which is a short little challenge performed at extremely high intensity. In his mind, he was anticipating being done with his workout and heading out the door and so his mind was not into completing his assigned task. His challenge was to complete thirty calories on the assault bike in under one minute or he could start again. Mind you, this is a challenge he has completed before. On his first attempt, he got after the bike at first, and then hit a wall and half-assed the remainder of the thirty calories in a time of 1:28. I look at him and asked, “What happened?” Expecting to get an excuse or reason why he came up short, he simply said, “I quit on myself.” I said, I’m sorry, but you must do it again. He waited a few minutes and then attacked it again, once again finishing over the one minute time limit. He looked at me and said he quit again around twenty-six seconds and he took ownership for his shortcoming.

I had a little chit chat with my athlete explaining to him that so many people simply exist and do not live because they are scared of what could happen. I told him that I would rather see him honestly fail because he was simply too exhausted to complete the task than to quit on himself. I told him that full effort is full victory, but only he would know if he gave his full and honest effort. I told him that I do not care about the thirty calories, but I do care about him honestly giving his best effort. I also shared how proud I was of him for being honest to himself and to me about his two previous efforts. Lastly, I told him that an athlete with his ability, if he gave his best effort, would be satisfied and proud of the outcome. And boom, he got after his thirty calories on the bike and completed the task in about forty five seconds.

Guarantee that you will always give your best effort.

Are you giving your best effort all the time? Are you doing the little things like being on time, cleaning up a mess even if the mess isn’t yours, treating people with respect and kindness? You must get to the point in your life where you value your effort and recognize that the things you partake in have your name on them. Are you doing everything to become the best version of you? Many of you choose to be victims rather than victors.

Your life is a result of the choices you make.

The client in the story above gave me a massive sweaty hug after he caught his breath a few minutes later and I am sure that he was proud of his effort, and I was proud of him for taking ownership and becoming a victor when he could have easily allowed negative self talk to take over and become a victim. He made a good choice and he is better for it. Life doesn’t just HAPPEN to you. Your life is a result of the choices you make. If you do not like your life, it is time to start making better choices.

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