The Invictus Mindset: An Athlete's Guide To Mental Toughness

Our best-selling book on mental toughness and mindset! 

This guide was created for anyone who wants to improve their mental toughness and develop an unconquerable mindset. In this book, you'll learn some of the theory and philosophy regarding mental toughness, as well as ways to practically implement these ideas into your training. If your goal is to improve your performance and sharpen your mental game, click the button below to purchase.



The Invictus Mindset contains over 130-pages of wisdom from some of our expert coaches and competitive athletes on how to prepare yourself for training and competition. You’ll learn about the five pillars of mental toughness and some simple techniques you can implement into your training right away to improve your mental game.

I cannot express my gratitude for ‘The Invictus Mindset’. My personal success today is immensely attributed to what I learned through the book and my mental game today is better than it has EVER been! Whether you’re a CrossFit athlete or you just want to better understand your purpose in life, it’s an excellent resource.” - Korey H.

The Invictus Mindset eBook Bundle

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We Are Invictus

“An individual’s outlook and resilience during the worst of times is the difference between those who succeed and those who succumb. The Invictus mindset is a commitment to maintaining control of your destiny without regard for the obstacles and hardships that are laid on your path.” 
– C.J. Martin