CrossFit Open Mindset

Mindset for the CrossFit Open

With all the hype that surrounds the Open each year, it is easy to begin to put some kind of pressure on yourself to perform a certain way. Sometimes that pressure helps us perform better, but other times we psycho ourselves out and it affects our performance. But if you’ve trained your CrossFit Open mindset, you will remember…

“Full effort is full victory.”

What does that mean exactly? We put together a manual to talk about exactly that and more.

Attacking the CrossFit Open with an Unconquerable Mindset

Download your FREE Attacking the CrossFit Open with an Unconquerable Mindset” PDF for tips on how to approach the Open including:

And some additional bonuses and tips for: 

  • When to Attack the Open Workouts
  • Equipment Considerations
  • Nutrition Guidelines

While we can’t provide specific notes until we know the details of each workout, we hope that this general guide to approaching the Open at least gives you some of the tools to thrive in the upcoming Open.

Tips for Attacking the CrossFit Open

We WILL post specific workout tips on our blog and social media on Thursdays after the announcement has been made and our coaches have had time to put together their notes and videos for you!

You’ve worked hard to prepare, and you should reap the rewards of your hard work with a good game plan and proper execution.


Free Guide for Attacking the CrossFit Open with an Unconquerable Mindset

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