Accountability: Key to Carrying Out Your Plan
Written by TJ O’Brien

You’ve made your goal to stay on track and set a strategy…but as the days go by…you have yet to implement your plan of action.

The actual work of carrying out your plan from beginning to end alludes you…and you’re quickly starting to see that you’re spinning your wheels and still in the same predicament you were in last year. Sound familiar?

There may be many reasons why you haven’t been able to implement your plan or reach your goals but the main reason is the lack of accountability. Accountability is what separates the super successful from the mediocre.

I’m sure you can relate to trying to reach the same goal over and over again…by yourself with no help and getting little to no results. Let’s take your health for instance (since staying on track with workouts and nutrition during the holidays is a common goal). 

Studies show that the person who actually achieves weight loss and transition into a healthier lifestyle is the person who connected into some form of accountability program. It could be hiring a trainer, joining a health club, hiring a nutritionist, or participating in some sort of group coaching like we have at Invictus. It’s something about having to answer to another person (or group of fellow Invicti) for your actions that motivates you to stay on track with your goals.

Using Accountability to Your Benefit with Goal Setting

Accountability Accelerates Performance

When you connect with a coach or training partner you can work the kinks out of your plan, develop a sure-fire winning strategy and execute with confidence.

Accountability Helps Measure Progress

A good coach or training partner will help you define what success looks like and set milestones to measure your progress along the way. You can easily track how close you are to reaching your goals.

Accountability Keeps You Engaged

There are things that will come up that will distract you from your goals and take you off course. Even when you’re bored, distracted or tired, knowing that you have to answer for your progress – or that your training buddy is expecting you at 6am – will keep you going to the finish line.

Accountability Keeps You Responsible

When you are working with someone who pushes you to make massive changes in a short amount of time and give a report…you finally realize that you are ultimately responsible for how much progress you make every day. Accounting for your actions weekly will cause you to take a good look at yourself, start eliminating the excuses and start making deliberate actions that bring about your intended success.

Accountability Validates Your Thoughts

When you have someone to be accountable to you can silence your inner critic and bounce your ideas off someone else who can help you make sound decisions and give you constructive advice.

Using Invictus for Accountability

Invictus offers a number of programs that can help provide you with the accountability of a coach and online community you need to reach your goals from weightlifting to body composition. Step one is to map out your goals! Download our FREE Goal Setting Workbook to help you get started!

Invictus Goal Setting Guide

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UK essay writing
UK essay writing
September 7, 2020 5:40 am

This website is very useful in many aspects of life. As it explained the importance of accountabilty. How accountabilty help you to perform at various stages in life. It motivates you to enhance your performance.

January 30, 2020 10:54 am

Solid post. Thanks TJ! I will add in more accountability to help me work towards my goals. It’s hard as a coach. We also need coaches to hold US accountable!

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