On a Quest for Nutrition Knowledge: Curt Lewis
Interview by Invictus Intern Trine Petersen

Invictus member Curt Lewis was a first time participant in our 2014 Fall “Look Good, Feel Good” Challenge. He was having motivational issues getting to the gym and needed accountability and goals to work towards – which, in his case, were to focus on clean eating, to gain lean muscle mass and to finish in the top 15 in the challenge. To reach these goals, Curt decided that in addition to participating in the LGFG Challenge he would also enroll in the Invictus 12-Week Habit Based Nutrition program. The combination of both programs helped Curt land a 10th place finish in our LGFG Challenge, accomplishing his goal of finishing in the top 15. He agreed to share his struggles and triumphs with us through this exclusive interview.

Trine: What made you do both programs at once?

Curt: I was curious as to what results I could see by combing the two. I love food and nutrition and work for a Paleo company so I wanted to see what information, hints, and habits the coaching staff could present to me that I hadn’t already heard. I was on a quest for knowledge. Also, I hold a fitness nutrition credential, but had never actually done a challenge. I wanted to see exactly what it was all about.

Trine: What did you end up changing in your nutrition through your participation in these two programs?

Curt: I honestly didn’t change anything other than the timing of certain meals based on my workouts. I did add a few more snacks in between meals. I already ate well and was consuming “real” food going into the challenge.

The biggest take-away I had from the nutrition challenge was the impact of keeping a food diary. Knowing I was going to have to write down that glass of wine or beer or that I had cake or carne asada fries really makes you think about what you are putting in your body and the effect it will have on you. You start to analyze whether it is nourishment or simply want when it comes to food choices.

Trine: What did you enjoy most about LGFG challenge?

Curt: First, working towards a goal; second, challenging myself to do better; third, seeing quick results; and fourth, the variety of activities offered to earn points for your team. Those activities allowed you to get out of the gym and socialize in a healthy way.

Trine: What was the most rewarding part of completing the LGFG Challenge?

Curt: I found genuineness amongst members and coaches alike, useable and easy to understand nutritional guidelines, and I was capable of more than I gave myself credit for. I was able to challenge myself more and more every workout. The most rewarding part was seeing my body transform in a short 9-week time period and that provided the motivation to continue and strive for more.

Trine: Can you share with us the three biggest things that helped you succeed in the LGFG Challenge?

Curt: The first is that I combined the LGFG challenge with the Invictus 12-week Nutrition program. That really helped. I also had great coaches who could always offer modifications for movements so that I wouldn’t injure myself. I think the other helpful thing was mixing up the performance and fitness workouts throughout the challenge.

Trine: What advice would you give to others who may be thinking about participating in our future LGFG Challenges?

Curt: You are always capable of more than you think you are. Use those around you for support and motivation.